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Planning a trip to Germany? Travel blogs can help you make it a success. Discover the best city guides for Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt. Stay at the best hotels and eat at the best restaurants. Find hidden destinations to visit in Brandenburg, Bavaria and Black Forest. Learn travel hacks to avoid tourist traps. We've selected the best travel blogs so your visit to Germany is an adventure you'll never forget!

Did you know Berlin has more bridges than Venice? According to Expatica, the German capital has changed seven times in recent history. Germany is the language with the most speakers in Europe and is known as the land of poets and thinkers, not to mention some of the greatest composers of all times.

We’ve looked far and wide to bring you the best Travel Blogs for a dream holiday to Germany. We hope you like these blogs as much as us and they contribute to a great holiday.

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Germany is Wunderbar

Showcasing Germany's finest travel destinations and inspirations, as chosen by two independent experts with unparalleled experience of Germany's travel and tourism. Germany is Wunderbar is the distillation of the expertise of two well-known enthusiasts for travel in Germany, one British, and one German. The former a long-established writer, and the latter a communication consultant and freelance journalist.

Traveling German

Edwina is a food obsessed, adventure loving, traveling German. This blog tells stories of her travels. She wants to inspire people to go out there and discover the world around, near or far. Traveling German is a blog full of travel resources, photos and tips about travelling in Germany. Travel style: unique, adventure, luxury, preferably on water. Traveling German has grown in popularity, and offers some incredibly valuable guides on traveling Germany. 

My Life in Germany

When Sindy was 24, she decided to quit her job in Hong Kong and move to Germany. Now, she has her dream job, dream house, and a lovely family in Germany. My Life in Germany was established with a vision to provide useful info and advice to anyone following her footsteps on subjects like learning German, dealing with German bureaucracy, looking for a job in Germany, and more.

The Backpacker

Audrey is a full time travel blogger so spends most of her time on the road. She has done extensive travel throughout Germany, including Berlin, Hamburg, Bebenhausen, Tuebingen, and more. Starting her blog in 2010, she never expected this ti turn into her full time job. But through sharing captivating photos and unique travel experiences covering topics from cuisine and local drinks, to museums and traditions, That Backpacker has grown in popularity, and offers some incredibly valuable guides on traveling Germany.

Travels of Adam

Based in Berlin, Germany, though as a travel writer, Adam is regularly traveling. In addition to writing and managing his popular travel blog,, Adam also works with Eating Europe Tours on their online marketing. Travels of Adam started in 2009 in preparation for a gap year he was planning, and wanted to keep himself productive while traveling by sharing about his experiences.

Destination Germany

On behalf of the German federal government, the GNTB has been working internationally to promote Germany as a travel destination for more than 60 years. It communicates the diverse appeal of the country to a worldwide market, thereby promoting a strong and attractive brand – Destination Germany.

Oh God, My Wife is German

Obi G. Macaroni (or "OGM" as he prefers) started Oh God, My Wife is German in 2011 after he began compiling lists and notes of all the hilarious things his German wife did or said. When they shared some of these quotes or idioms with their friends, they realized they were not so much inside jokes, but great pieces of humour with widespread appeal. This blog is filled with tons of great insider information about German people and culture. While not necessarily a "travel guide", anyone preparing for a trip to Germany can learn a lot about the people and social memes from OGM's writing! 


From shopping to sightseeing and from breakfast to dinner ─ this blog will show you how to spend the perfect day in Hamburg. This guide to Hamburg, truly is "ultimate" and for anyone planning to touch down in this city, this is a must have resource!

Leipzig Travel

Leipzig is an easy day trip from Berlin and perfect for the culture carnivore, with museums, art galleries, historic cafes and its very own Music Trail. This blog will introduce you to the beautiful LEIPZIG, with entertaining stories , hidden tips from Leipzig , unusual locations or interesting things that even die-hard Leipzig fans may not have known yet.

Germany Travel

Nina and Simon are based in Slovenia, near the capital of Ljubljana. They started our blog about 4 years ago because their family and friends always wanted to hear about their travels, every time they returned home. A blog allowed them to not answer the same questions or tell the same stories over and over, plus it helped people follow their travels live and keep more up to date. As the blog became more and more popular, they starting including useful travel tips and information for everyone wanting to go travel, drawing from their experiences on the road.

Germany Travel Guide

Andy is an Englishman that has been living in Trondheim, Norway for the past 17 years. The Grown Up Travel Guide was started in 2012 because he was always being asked for travel advise about his more "grown up" style of travel. What makes Andy's content so unique is he caters to those travellers who don't want to be hauling a massive backpack from hostel to hostel. Andy travel with class, and shares tips and advice for a higher quality of travel.

Keith & Amanda

Kevin and Amanda are a bright and energetic couple that share everything they can from their travels on their blog. Covering all sorts of topics from food to photography, they have great content that takes a very bright outlook on travel and the countries they've visited. We found their guide to Munich, Germany, to be very well rounded for all of the foodies out there, as they talk about and share delicious photos of German cuisine favourites, mixed in with some popular must see places to visit. If you fall in love with the city, and plan a longer stay, you can find accommodation in Munich on sites like Housing Anywhere.

Berlin on a Budget

Dale Davies is a forever smiling Brit who chose to leave his retail hell behind him and make full-time travel a reality, and Franca Calabretta moved away from her home town of Alberobello in Puglia, Italy more than ten years ago, so often feels more at home while one the road. This duo is truly unique for a number of reasons; 1. They are budget travellers (though never let it make them crazy, if something costs 'this' much, they pay 'that' much), 2. They are slow travellers, and 3. They are vegan travellers. This rare combination of travel lead to a special kind of guide focused on Berlin, Germany, and we thought it would resonate with anyone who values these styles of travel.

Wanderlust Chloe

Named numerous times as one of the top UK travel blogs, Wanderlust Chloe is a travel blog for the 25-34 year old traveller, who has a passion for fun, food, style, adventure and memorable moments with a touch of luxury.

Drifter Planet

Drifter Planet is a travel blog of a hippie couple that loves adventure. Sonal (from India) and Sandro (from Germany) are travel addicts, adventure lovers and music festival junkies. This page has a collection of all their travel blog posts about Germany.

Adventure in You

Adventure in You is a large adventure travel blog full of useful travel information based on personal recommendations, combined with inspirational articles on their travel blogging journey around the world.

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