What's New

iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Dictionary +

Version 6.2.71

  • Doubled number of entries in freemium versions of Spanish and Italian dictionaries. Five times as many entries included in paid versions.

  • Added thousands of entries to dictionary including complete sentences in addition to compound forms.

  • Included contemporary words like "selfie", "fracking" and "hashtag" that you won't find in other apps.

  • Improved online image availability. Tap image icon that appear for numerous dictionary entries to see image.

  • Integrated phrasebook with dictionary so phrases appear in the Examples sections of dictionary (premium versions).

  • Completely localized user interface for non-English languages.

  • Implemented alert if user taps word to hear pronunciation and speaker is turned off.

  • Improved display of multi-line phrases added to My Phrases category of Phrasebook.

  • Improved Suggest Improvement link at bottom of dictionary pages.

  • Launched Portuguese Dictionary & Translator.

  • Added Translator to Portuguese and German dictionaries with ability to star and save to My Phrases. Translator is an experimental feature that we are considering adding to all dictionaries.

  • Other bug fixes and enhancements.

Version 6.1.65

  • Added images to dictionary. If online image is available, an icon will appear at bottom of screen. Tap icon to display image (requires wifi).

  • Implemented offline pronunciation in addition to higher quality online TTS when available.

  • Added Voice Setting for pronunciation with US, UK, Australian, Mexican (Spanish) or Canadian (French) accent. Tap speaker icon.

  • Implemented Voice Setting to choose pronunciation speed (Slower, Normal, Faster).

  • Improved voice management so voices are audible even if the ringer is turned off.

  • Added thousands of dictionary entries.

  • Implemented Suggest Improvement link at bottom of dictionary pages.

  • Improved lookup in online dictionaries and Wikipedia (paid versions). Tap globe icon in search field which appears if word is not found.

  • Improved typography for fonts and letter effects in iOS7.

  • Added subtle paper texture as background for dictionary pages.

  • Extended pronunciation to tenses, verb forms and words in translation entries.

  • Added Translate button to verb conjugation screen.

  • Enhanced support for iPad including split screen layout and online lookup (paid version).

  • Improved flags icons, app icons, launch images and phrasebook category icons.

  • Added part of speech to headwords in dictionary lookup list.

  • Enhanced user interface by moving dictionary attachments (notes, images, audio clips) to single menu. Tap paperclip icon at top of screen.

  • Improved dictionary page layout on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

  • Added to share dictionary entries to Facebook.

  • Fixed issue with iPad landscape mode.

  • Fixed pronunciation issue which caused voice to turn off on iPad 2.

  • Disabled autocorrect in search field.

  • Fixed contraction issues for French verbs.

Version 5.3.12

  • Added support for iPhone 5 and iOS 6.

  • Improved dictionary usage examples which appear on keyword screen in addition to lookup list.

  • Added reverse lookup for usage examples on dictionary keyword screen.

  • Implemented online lookup for words not found in dictionary (paid version). An icon will appear in the search bar if the word you enter is not found in the local dictionary. Tapping icon will open several online dictionaries. Switch between online dictionaries using tabs along top of screen.

  • Added alert if Wi-Fi is not available for online lookup to warn user of possible carrier data charges. Turn alert on or off in More > Settings > Confirm Online Lookup (paid version).

  • Improved usability of My Phrases section of phrase book. Tap the plus icon ("+") to add a phrase. Tap the arrow ">" to edit a phrase. Swipe from right to left to delete a phrase.

  • Added arrows to right side of dictionary lookup list to open keyword screen.

  • Implemented info alert in search bar if word not found in free version but available in paid version.

  • Improved phrase book by allowing user to tap on phrase in addition to flag icon to hear pronunciation.

  • Improved icons in dictionary keyword toolbar.

  • Fixed issue of repeating words in vocabulary quiz.

  • Fixed problem of selecting last item in list when ads appear (free version).

Version 5.1

  • Added text-to-speech audio to dictionary, phrasebook and verb conjugations (requires internet).

  • Implemented single search so user does not have to choose language to lookup a dictionary word.

  • Added flag icons to dictionary to distinguish language of word.

  • Implemented reverse lookup so user can tap on any word in dictionary definitions to display the translation.

  • Integrated translations and conjugations so user can easily switch back and forth with one tap.

  • Increased size of phrasebook to include eighteen categories and over 400 phrases.

  • Added verb forms to dictionary.

  • Improved vocabulary quiz.

  • Added Help menu option which opens online user manual.

  • Implemented numerous usability improvements including defaulting to screen keyboard for lookups, better iPad screen layout, larger quiz font size, high-resolution tab icons, fixed tab menu issue.

Version 4.3

  • Added conjugations for over 6,000 verbs including all major moods; Indicative, Subjunctive, Conditional and tenses; Present, Past, Future, Perfect, Pluperfect, Future Perfect, Imperfect.

  • Enhanced conjugation screen interface on iPhone with tense picker scroll wheel.

  • Implemented History button to browse through previous lookups.

  • Added Clear button to erase lookup history.

  • Enhanced word roll view to include abridged translations. Tap to display full translations.

  • Added ability to email translation.

  • Enhanced support for multi-tasking in iOS 4 and above which can be useful for cutting & pasting translations into emails or other applications.

  • Improved support for iPad landscape mode on conjugation and translation screens.

  • Implemented return to last lookup when quitting and restarting application.