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Blog Articles for Leading Language Apps Developer (Filled)

Vidalingua is a leading language app developer. Over 15 million users have downloaded our apps to learn French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Hindi and other languages.

I am looking for a blogger to write 11 articles about learning languages. The articles will have titles such as “How to Say I Love You in Other Languages”, and “Top Tips for Learning a Language.

Each article will be between 1,000 and 2,000 words in length. They do not require extensive research to write and I estimate a writer with some knowledge of language learning should take 2-3 hours to write each article.

In addition to writing the articles, I may ask candidates to compile some statistics for SEO purposes and add simple tags to the article when they are completed writing it. I will provide detailed instructions and the tasks require no prior knowledge but it's a great opportunity for the right person to gain skills in these areas. The estimated time to do both tasks is approximately 1 hour.

The ideal candidate should be passionate about language learning or travel and have excellent writing skills in English.

I will work directly with the person chosen for the project.

The budget is between $500 and $1000 and depends on if the person will do the SEO and article tagging.

Then email with examples or descriptions of relevant projects and tell us why you are motivated to work with VidaLingua.

Kind regards,
Marc Bolh
Founder & CEO, Vidalingua

Skilled Developer for Update of Android Dictionary App (Filled)

VidaLingua is a leading developer of language apps. We are on a mission to Bring Language apps to Life © by putting users at the center of the learning experience.

Vidalingua multilingual dictionaries are category leading apps that have been downloaded by millions of users on Android, iOS and other mobile platforms.

We are looking for skilled coder with a deep passion for technical challenges to develop amazing updates of our dictionary apps.

The scope of this project is to implement features including dictionary favorites, flashcards and other improvements for the native Android version of our apps. This project is meant to test a candidate's skills and ability to work with existing code. Our ultimate goal is to choose a partner that can update our apps across several platforms on an ongoing basis.

The ideal candidate should have mobile development skills including extensive experience building native apps for Android and iOS. Our apps access backend databases to manage features like phrase translation, image serving and billing functions so experience with SQL back-ends is also required.

If chosen for this project, you will work directly with the founder & CEO of VidaLingua and an experienced technical director who coded the existing version of our apps.

VidaLingua dictionaries have been downloaded by over 10 million users. That’s more than the population of Sweden or about 200 packed football stadiums. If chosen for this project, your work will enhance the lives of millions of people around the world. Are you ready to do something amazing?

Then email with examples or descriptions of relevant projects and tell us why you are motivated to work on VidaLingua Dictionaries. We will send a summary specification and app architecture to those who make our short list.

Looking forward to your response!

Marc Bolh
Founder VidaLingua

Customer Success and Outreach (Filled)

Vidalingua is a leading developer of apps to help people learn languages. Over 14 million people have used our apps. We have a passion for developing great software that brings the world together through language.

I am looking for an exceptional individual to help our users and partners achieve success with our products. You will engage with them via email and social media to answer questions and contribute to building our business.

The person chosen for this position will work directly with me, the founder of Vidalingua, to maximize effectiveness for this important role.

Those applying for this position should have good English writing skills and problem solving abilities. Experience with social media, simple drawing tools and basic marketing is a plus.

The initial time commitment is 5 hours per week and will grow to 20 hours per week. Full time employment is possible for a high achiever.

Ready to do something amazing?

Then please get started by sending me and email answering the questions below.

Why are you motivated to work at Vidalingua?

How can you best contribute to our success?

Best, Marc Bolh
Founder Vidalingua

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