62 Traditional French Dishes and Desserts

Fancy some French cuisine? French food is known for being one of the best in the world. Each of France 18 regions offers a wide variety of delicious traditional French dishes and desserts. When eating at a French restaurant, you may choose to go for a Menu Tradition or Découverte, a Formule or À la carte. Ordering French meals can turn out to be quite tricky so here are the main French dishes and desserts that you might want to understand!

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Appetizer / Entrée

Accras de morue or de légumes: Spicy cod fish or vegetable fritters
Coquilles Saint-Jacques: Scallops poached with mushrooms in white wine and gratinéed
Cuisses de grenouille: Frog legs fried with garlic and herbs (parsley, thyme)
Escargots: Snails baked in their shell with parsley and garlic butter
Foie gras: Duck or goose liver prepared into pâté
Œufs en meurette: Poached eggs in red wine sauce
Pâté en croûte: Pâté in a pastry crust
Soupe à l’oignon: Onion soup with bread served gratinéed with cheese on top
Soupe au pistou: Bean soup with lots of fine-chopped basil and garlic
Terrine de porc/sanglier/lapin/lièvre/canard: Pâté made with pork/wild boar/rabbit/hare/duck

Main course / Plat principal

Aligot: Mashed potatoes with melted fresh tomme cheese
Andouillette: Sausage made with chitterlings
Baeckeoffe: Mix of sliced potatoes and onions, cubed mutton, beef, and pork marinated overnight in white wine and slow-cooked in oven
Blanquette de veau: Veal stew in white wine and crème fraîche sauce
Bœuf Bourguignon: Beef stew in red wine
Boudin aux pommes: Blood sausage made from pig’s blood and fat with apples
Bouillabaisse: Stew of mixed Mediterranean fish with tomatoes and herbs
Brandade de morue: Mashed potatoes with salt cod, garlic and chives
Carbonade: Braised beef cooked into beer with vegetable, garlic and herbs
Cassoulet: Thick stew with white kidney beans, pork sausage and preserved duck or goose
Choucroute: Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) with sausages, salt pork and potatoes
Chou farci: Cabbage stuffed with meat
Confit de canard ou d’oie: Crispy preserved duck or goose cooked in its own fat
Coq au vin: Rooster braised in red wine with lardons and mushrooms
Daube: Braised beef cooked into red wine with vegetable, garlic and herbs
Encornets farcis: Squids stuffed with sausage meat and herbs
Flammeküche: Pie with thick layer of crème fraîche, lardons and onion
Fondue Bourguignonne: Pieces of beef dipped into a fondue pot filled with hot oil
Fondue Savoyarde: Cubes of bread dipped into a fondue pot filled with cheese and white wine
Gougère: Cheese in choux bun
Gratin dauphinois: Oven potatoes with garlic and crème fraîche
Hachis Parmentier: Mashed potatoes on top of a layer of minced meat served gratinéed
Jardinière de légumes: Vegetable stew
Magret de canard au miel: Duck breast fillet served with honey sauce
Moules marinières: Mussels marinated in white wine broth with parsley and shallots
Navarin d’agneau: Lamb and vegetable stew
Pissaladière: French version of the pizza covered with onions, olive
Pot-au-feu: Vegetables and cuts of meat boiled in a savory broth
Poule au pot: Chicken stuffed with vegetables and meat boiled in a savory broth
Quenelle: Flour, butter, eggs, milk and fish mixed and poached
Quiche Lorraine: Pie with lardons and lots of cheese
Ratatouille: Vegetable stew with aubergines, courgettes, tomatoes, peppers, onions and garlic
Ris de veau: Calf sweetbread cooked with mushrooms in a creamy sauce
Rognons de veau flambés: Veal kidneys, usually in mustard sauce, flambéed with cognac
Sole meunière: Flavour coated sole in butter sauce with capers
Tartare de bœuf: Finely chopped raw beef mixed with onions or shallots, capers, pickles, served with egg yolk
Tarte flambée: Pie with thick layer of crème fraîche, lardons and onion
Tartiflette: Potato gratin with Reblochon cheese, cream and pork
Tripes à la mode de Caen: Chitterlings cooked in cider and calvados
Tripoux: Tripe braised with herbs
Truffade: Potatoes sautéed with garlic and fresh tomme cheese

Dessert / Dessert

Clafoutis: Thick flan-like batter with fruit, traditionally black cherries
Crème brûlée: Custard topped with caramelized sugar
Crêpe Suzette: Pancake with Suzette butter served with a caramelized sugar and butter sauce, with tangerine or orange juice, flambéed with Grand Marnier or Blue Curacao
Île flottante: Stiffly beaten egg whites on cold custard, covered with caramel
Kouglof: Traditional Alsatian brioche cake with almonds
Kouign-amann: Flaky pancake with high proportion of butter
Moelleux au chocolat: Chocolate cake with melted chocolate heart
Pain perdu: Bread soaked into a milk and egg mix, then fried in butter
Profiteroles: Choux buns filled with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream or pastry cream, and smothered in hot chocolate sauce
Saint-Honoré: Puff pastry base, topped with pastry cream and whipped cream, surrounded by choux buns dipped in caramelized sugar
Tarte Tatin: Upside-down apple tart served with crème fraîche

Also, remember that when the waiter asks “Quelle cuisson pour votre viande ?” (How you would like your meat?), she/he is asking how cooked you want it.
There are several options:
• Bleue: very rare (practically uncooked!)
• Saignante: rare
• À point: medium rare
• Bien cuite: well-cooked

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Bon appétit !

Christine Ducos-Restagno
Lead French Linguist