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"Apps from Vidalingua are hugely popular... they're free and they work offline, handy when you're actually abroad."
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"I used to be reliant on Google Translate and Leo for assistance in my German Class, but now I just need to use Vidalingua. It is extremely convenient and has all the information you could want and more. I love the ability to save flashcards in different folders to revert back to in order to strengthen my vocabulary and all of the information on verb conjugation. The phrases portion of the app is great because on Google Translate you never know if what you are being given is the actual colloquial way of communicating, and Leo often doesn’t have a list of options, but Vidalingua has great phrases to learn!"

"Amazing App. I have been using this translator for around a year now in German class and recreationally and after trying many other sources for my translating needs have decided this is the ultimate app! From the phrase book to the efficient dictionary providing not only words but examples of use, articles, and synonyms this app has it all. The translations are more accurate then Google Translate and I couldn’t have asked for a better app. Thank you so much!"

"Invaluable tool. While learning to speak Deutsch, I cannot understate the value of having a tool like this. Yes, I can always go to an online translator, but the flexibility of being able to quickly do a dictionary lookup of specific words while still capable of doing phase translation by switching tabs is amazing. I rate this app at the highest level and use it multiple times every day in my language study."

"I use the app on a regular basis to find approximate translation from english to german and vice versa. It helps make the necessary connections between the languages that are necessary when I want to formulate a sentence! Great work keep it up"

"It is incredible how this App includes a Dictionary, Translator, Phrases (about 20 categories), a Verb list with conjugation, and the ability to Enter your Own Phrases. Everything is of the highest quality and integrity; for example the Verb Conjugator includes „erfahren“ which most dictionaries don’t. There is also a Flash Card feature and a Quiz feature. I cannot praise this App enough."

German Translator Dictionary + transforms your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch into advanced language assistants.

Whether you are a student or a world traveler, German Translator Dictionary + includes everything you need to improve your German. An accurate phrase translator, comprehensive dictionary and verb conjugator provide a solid foundation to build your language skills. Unique features such as dictionary notes, drag & drop for iPad and Apple Watch support take learning German to the next level.

German Translator Dictionary + is the highest rated app of it's kind. Over 14 million users have improved their language skills with Vidalingua. Download German Translator Dictionary + from the App Store for free and start learning German today!

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  • German-to-English, English-to-German translator.
  • View translator result offline on your iPhone and iPad.
  • Star phrases in translator history to create study lists.
  • Comprehensive offline dictionary. Over 1.1 million entries including usage examples, noun genders and parts of speech.
  • Contempory content including slang, idioms and regional expressions.
  • Images for tens of thousands of words.
  • Single search index for fast lookups of words in German and English.
  • Voice lookup using advanced speech recognition. Practice your pronounciation.
  • Attach notes, pictures and audio to dictionary words. Create an engaging travel companion.
  • Verb Conjugator with over 6,000 verbs and over 430,000 verb forms.
  • Phrasebook with 20 categories such as Greetings, Transportation and Accommodations.
  • My Phrases category to customize phrasebook with transaltor results.
  • Multiple choice quiz to practice vocabulary. Change language direction and reset score.
  • Flashcards to strengthen word retention.
  • Favorite words to create study list, usable with Flashcards.
  • Split screen support for iPad. Read La Repubblica in Safari and drag words into the search bar.
  • Share translations in texts and emails.
  • Lookup history for translator and dictionary.
  • Lookup words using iOS Spotlight search.
  • Integration with Wiktionary, Wikipedia and other online language resources.
  • Audio pronunciation of words, expressions, verb conjugations and translator results.
  • Settings for audio speed and accent (Italy, US, UK, Australia, Ireland, South African).
  • Apple Watch version with voice lookup.
  • Numerous enhancements iPad.
  • Compiled and updated by professional linguists and translators.
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Are you trying to ace a test for German class? German Translator Dictionary + has the tools you need to get an A.

Our translator uses advanced artificial intelligence to provide accurate results on your iPhone and iPad. But as any professor knows, no translator is perfect. So our app includes a comprehensive dictionary with real-world content like German slang words and sayings to help you make friends around the world.

Verb conjugation is critical to mastering German. Our app contains over 430,000 verb forms so you can practice your conjugation tables. You'll also find a phrasebook, vocabulary quizzes and flashcards to insure you succeed in high school, college and beyond.



Keeping students engaged is a challenge for any language teacher. High school and college students spend much of their time glued to their smartphones. Why not have them use that time to learn German?

Our linguists research topics such as Interent slang and German idioms that appeal to students of all ages. Our apps are customizable so your class can create translator study list, annotate dictionary entries and add usage examples.

Students can download Vidalingua apps for free. They are available on iPhone, iPad, Android and desktop computers so that all your students have access. Teachers can request evaluation copies by sending an email to

Language Schools

Nothing replaces classroom learning with an experienced instructor. But iPhone apps can improve school success rates by providing students with language learning tools they can use outside of the classroom.

We partner with the best language schools in New York, Berlin and around the world. We strive to make learning German fun and effective for every student.

Apple provides discounts to educational institutions that bring the cost of iPhone apps down to a fraction of comparable language learning text books.

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Planning a trip to Berlin, Munich or Bavaria? German Translator Dictionary + can help you make it an experience you'll never forget.

Our apps include regional dialects from Germany, Switzerland and other German speaking countries so you can learn to speak like a local. German Translator Dictionary + includes a phrasebook with useful categories such as Weather, Useful Expressions and Making Friends. The translator uses artificial intelligence to deliver quality results.

German Translator Dictionary + is the only iPhone app that allows you to add notes, pictures, audio and phrases to dictionary entries. It transform your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch into engaging travel companions. Most features work offline which is handy when visiting other countries.


Do your teams work with international partners or clients? Knowing a little German can go a long way in building strong relationships.

German Translator Dictionary + is easy to use and uses advanced features to increase effectiveness. It provides regional dialects and colloquialism that are useful to business travelers. With over 14 million users, Vidalingua is a leader in language learning apps. People in some of the most prestigious organizations in the world use our apps.

Vidalingua apps are cost effective. Prices are considerably lower than Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur, Duolingo and other developers. Coupled with Apple discounts for Volume Purchases, the ROI is a slam dunk. Apple provides tools that IT administrators can use to deploy Vidalingua apps to iPhones and iPads across your organization.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at

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