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Do you want to learn Brazilian-Portuguese quickly and have fun doing it? Learn Brazilian-Portuguese + by Vidalingua is the fastest way to understand and speak Brazilian-Portuguese. Skip the boring stuff and immerse yourself in real-life conversations you can use in the classroom or on a trip. Learn Brazilian-Portuguese + includes 101 lessons, 1190 phrases and 3536 exercises to help you become fluent in Brazilian-Portuguese.

The Vidalingua Method

Real-life Learning

While other apps waste time on vocabulary and grammar you rarely need, Learn Brazilian-Portuguese + jumps right to lessons that you can use immediately. Start by learning Greetings, Essentials and Useful Expressions to get a conversation started. Progress to helpful lessons such as Buses, Youth Hostels and Directions. Make the most of your travels with lessons such as Pubs, Movies and Making Friends.

Understanding & Speaking

Understanding Brazilian-Portuguese is a good start but speaking is critical. Learn Brazilian-Portuguese + provides advanced speech recognition to help you master pronunciation. Practice speaking at your own pace until you build the confidence to talk to others.

Engaging Experience

Some of the lessons in Learn Brazilian-Portuguese + teach the basics such as telling Time, using the Subway or Eating Out. Others are unique and amusing such as Limousines, Hot Tubs, Pick-up Lines and Rejections. Each phrase you’ll learn includes fun exercises to keep you engaged and improve retention. A learning companion (Panda) provides helpful tips and encourages you along the way.


  • 101 lessons for real-life situations like taking Taxis, arriving at a Campground or asking about the Weather. Unique lessons such as At the Beach, Skiing and Compliments to the Chef. Fun lessons such as Flirting and Swearing.*
  • 1,190 useful phrases such as “Can you speak slowly?” and “Where is the closest cash machine?”. Entertaining phrases such as “Do you come here often? Not if you do.”
  • Vocabulary exercises to help you master Numbers, Menus, even Cocktails.
  • Audio pronunciation of words and sentences. Choose from multiple accents and set speed.
  • Select favorite Brazilian-Portuguese phrases to create your own study list or improve your vocabulary.
  • Word Jumble Exercises challenge you to order words in a phrase correctly.
  • Pronunciation Exercises with advanced speech recognition to determine if you said a phrase correctly.
  • Multiple Choice Exercises to recognize the correct translations of a phrase.
  • Set goals for yourself and track your learning progress.
  • Notifications for Phrase of the Day and Streaks.

* The first 11 lessons are free. For a limited time, we are offering 1 month of Premium Lessons for free to users who complete a 3 question survey. Email outreach@vidalingua.com for more info.

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