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Version 2 (beta)

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  • Implemented colorful buttons for Lessons screen. If you prefer list view, you can change it in Settings > Display lessons, select Buttons.
  • Added support for iOS 13 Dark Mode. To activate, go to iOS Settings > Display & Brightness, set Appearance to Dark.
  • Implemented Picture Exercises for most phrases. To give it a try, open Greetings Lesson and tap on blue circle to the right of "Good morning." Tap on the Picture icon in the tab bar. Then tap on the image that closest matches with the word at the top of the screen.
  • Goal achieved animated Panda. Achieve you daily Progress Goal and a dancing Panda will celebrate with you.
  • Fixed Learn French + Word exercise for "Et toi ?" and pronunciation of "No".
  • Fixed issue causing Say Exercises to fail for some Phrases in the Number and Time lessons.
  • Added panel view for iPad. Tap on Lessons in the tab bar to display Lessons on the left and Phrases to the right.
  • Improved flow for Say Exercise. Accept permissions prompts now appear before phrase is pronounced.
  • Improved tab bar icons in Lessons and Exercises screens.
  • Fixed issues when tapping on tab bar icons repeatedly.
  • Improvements to screen layouts and screen text.

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