VidaLingua's vision is based on a simple observation... language is living.

People learn languages to communicate. They learn quickest when interacting with others. Languages evolve through human interaction. By contrast, most language apps are designed for self study. However, if opportunities for interaction with native speakers are scarce, people lose motivation. Language apps often rely on content that is rarely refreshed. If apps evolve slower than the language itself, they lose relevance.

At VidaLingua our mission is Bringing Language Apps to Life.

VidaLingua believes that awesome apps can transform language learning by bringing users together and encouraging them to share content. We have a long way to go but we are taking the first steps.

Users of our iOS dictionaries can add notes, audio and images to entries. For example, a student backpacking through France may learn that an "éclair" is a type of pastry in addition to being the translation for "lightning". They can take a picture of an éclair in a pastry shop, record a local person pronouncing the word and jot down a note and attach them to the dictionary entry. Capturing the learning experience transforms a static reference tool into a living travel companion.

VidaLingua’s phrasebooks for iPhone, Mac and BlackBerry allow users to add their own examples. We are working on ways for users to share their own phrases with the community and download those submitted by others.

Our Android dictionaries include a translator. The current version relies on machine translation. In future versions, users will be able to rate translations and propose alternatives.

These development directions are just the beginning of transforming language learning apps. With over 5 million users, VidaLingua has a fantastic opportunity to bring users together and enable them to create and share content. We are committed to our mission of bringing language to life. We hope you will join us on this journey.

Best Regards,
Marc Bolh, Founder VidaLingua