Windows Phone Dictionaries

How do I install text-to-speech for additional languages?
To install additional languages, go to Windows Phone Settings > Speech > Speech Language and select a language from the list.
Do VidaLingua Dictionaries require an internet connection?
All the data in the dictionary and verb conjugator is stored on the device and does not require an internet connection. If a text-to-speech (tts) engine is not installed on your device, the app will attempt to use an online source for tts pronunciation then prompt you to install a local tts engine.
How do I type characters with accents such as ñ, è or ü?
To type accented characters, tap and hold the letter you want to add an accent to. A menu will pop up displaying the letter with a variety of accents. Slide your finger to your choice and let go. The accented character will be inserted into the word you are typing.
How do I switch language direction to lookup words or verbs?
There is no need to select a language to lookup a word or verb. VidaLingua uses a single database to store words from both language so lookups are fast and easy.
What do dictionary abbreviations such as [m], [f] or [v] stand for?
  • [m] masculine noun gender
  • [f] feminine noun gender
  • [v] verb
  • [n] noun
  • [o] other
How can I know which words are in the extended dictionary?
If a box appears to the right of the search field, then words matching the search string are available in the extended dictionary. The number in the box indicates how many. Tapping the box will display a menu option to list the matching words.
I bought an in-app purchase but I can't access it or I lost access to it. What should I do?
Unlocking in-app purchases is managed by Windows Phone OS. Losing access to in-app purchases has been reported by users in forums such as WPCentral. The most commonly reported way to fix this is to re-install the app and/or the in-app purchase. During the process, Windows Phone will confirm that you already own the app. If you are still having problems, please check Windows Phone Support for possible solutions.
Why should teachers consider recommending VidaLingua language apps?
Teachers should consider recommending VidaLingua language apps for the following reasons.
  • VidaLingua multilingual dictionaries include essential language learning information such as noun gender, part of speech and verb conjugations.
  • VidaLingua apps are available on all major mobile platforms including Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry. Descriptions of versions not found on this web site, may be found on Ascendo, VidaLingua's parent company.
  • VidaLingua provides free, ad-supported version and more comprehensive paid versions.
  • VidaLingua dictionaries engage students more than traditional reference tools.
Why should I take the time to rate your app?
Rating our apps favorably is a big motivator for our team. It helps to increase downloads which provides more resources to invest in updates. If you are considering an unfavorable rating, we would appreciate it if you would email us first with your suggestions for improvements.