10 Best Apps for Learning Spanish in 2022

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Is 2022 the year you learn to speak Spanish? It could be. And in today's world, that means downloading the best apps to learn Spanish and get ready for school or prepare for a trip abroad. Even if you are learning Spanish for professional reasons, there are Spanish apps that can help you learn Spanish to further your job prospects.

Like every new year, many of us have set goals we hope to accomplish before our next trip around the sun. Some of the most fulfilling endeavors are those which will provide us with new opportunities to and expand our horizons; learning Spanish definitely fits that description.

With over 400 million speakers in the world, Spanish is second only to Chinese in most spoken languages. There are 21 countries in the world today that call Spanish their official language. Spanish-speaking countries can be found in South and Central America, but also in Europe and Africa. And an estimated 41 million people speak Spanish in the United States.

Spanish is one of the Romance languages, so knowing Spanish will give you a considerable leg up in understanding French, Italian and Portuguese. And Spanish has Latin origins, first developing as a dialect in the Iberian Peninsula during the 5-century.

Can you imagine the doors that could open in your life if you become part of that ever-growing number of people that has learned to speak Spanish? Being multilingual doesn’t just give you an advantage in the job market, it can also be the key that unlocks the door to a whole new world of incredible experiences and lasting friendships, maybe even a life partner.

At this point, you might be thinking, “Well, that seems nice, but where would I even begin?” You may be wondering what are the best ways to learn a language. Lucky for you, there are more resources and Spanish tutors than ever before for you to begin learning Spanish.

Below is a comprehensive list of the best Apps for Learning Spanish in 2022 - PLUS they’re free AND fun! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s help you take the first step on the journey of learning one of the most relevant languages in our modern world.

Learn Spanish +

Learn Spanish + cuts to the chase and helps you start speaking Spanish on day one. You'll start with phrases you can use to greet people and keep a conversation going. Within a few minutes, you'll learn the phrases you need to travel, get around and engage with the locals. Learn Spanish + includes 101 lessons, 1,190 useful phrases and over 5,000 interactive exercises that make learning Spanish fast and fun.

If you are visiting a Spanish-speaking country on vacation, Learn Spanish + is organized to provide the phrases you need for each situation. You'll learn phrases for Airports, Directions and Renting a Car and Hotel Check-ins. But this app feels more contemporary than most, providing lessons for staying At the Hostel or At the Airbnb. And no other app we know of provides a lesson on riding in Limousines 😅

If you are a student, you'll appreciate lessons to help you Make Friends and order drinks At a Bar. You'll also like some of the edgy lessons like Pick-up Lines and Rejections, Romance and Flirting. There is even a lesson on Swearing in Spanish in case you get into a tight situation.

Learn Spanish + includes over 5,000 interactive exercises that make learning Spanish fun. It employs advanced speech recognition to help you pronounce Spanish words and phrases correctly so you can build confidence before speaking with the locals. Additional features such as Phrase of the Day and learning Streaks encourage you to study consistently. A dancing meerkat named Meerling congratulates you when you achieve your goals. Learn Spanish + is the best app to learn conversational Spanish fast. You can download Learn Spanish + for free on the App Store.

Learn Spanish + for iPhone


HelloTalk describes itself as “The Ultimate Language Exchange.” Become fluent in Spanish in no time with HelloTalk. Founded in 2017 in China, the app facilitates the acquisition of Spanish by connecting you with native Spanish speakers from around the globe. Thus creating a unique learning experience where users can teach one another's native language.

It has a variety of engaging tools to help individuals reach native proficiency. Some of these features include video and text chat, camera share, translation, transliteration, etc. Hellotalk introduced a grammar correction function to help you perfect your Spanish grammar and verb conjugation. While HelloTalk can be a fun way to learn Spanish and become multilingual, the app, unfortunately, does not have a review system for its users. Therefore, it is vital to use its social networking features with much caution.

In addition to Spanish, Hellotalk supports a large international community interested in learning languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, French, Italian and many more. If you are looking for native Spanish speakers from around the world to practice your spoken or written Spanish, then Hellotalk may be the best choice for you. Download it for free on Google Play or in the App Store.

Hellotalk for Android


Memrise takes a unique approach to language learning on an app by focusing on video clips of native speakers saying Spanish phrases. Memrise distinguishes between European Spanish and Mexican Spanish in addition to supporting over 15 other languages. Unfortunately, the app won't let you talk back but it is the best collection of video clips we've found in the app stores.

Memrise is one of the best educational apps for individuals who want to make learning Spanish an enjoyable experience. In addition to cool video clips, the app includes fun games and quizzes to help you perfect your proficiency in Spanish. There are even some Spanish courses made for travelers who want to speak Spanish with the locals.

Memrise is a good choice for those who feel unmotivated or even discouraged to learn Spanish because of the monotony seemingly inherent in the classroom or from a textbook approach. Download Memrise for free in the App Store and Google Play.

Memrise for iPhone

Spanish Translator +

Spanish Translator + is complementary to all the other apps in this round-up because it is a set of reference tools that you can use alongside the other apps. The core of the app is a Spanish English translator that will take written input, as well as voice or photos. Using the voice translator is faster than typing but it's also good way to practice your pronunciation of Spanish words and phrases. The photo translator is usful for taking pictures of things like restaurant menus or stop signs and getting a translation back on the fly.

A lot of times you just need to translate a word and understand how it can be used in a phrase. Spanish Translator + integrates a comprehensive dictionary so that if you enter a single word you'll get back the gender for nouns, part of speech, link to conjugate verbs and lots of usage examples. This is so much better than just getting back a single translation of a word without context.

Spanish Translator + includes a verb conjugator with close to a million conjugated forms. This is a godsend for students and intermediary learners who want to get to the next level. The app also includes a phrasebook for travelers, a vocabulary quiz tool and flashcards. Spanish Translator + is the best app for tourists, students, and teachers who want to recommend an app to their class. The app includes quality reference tools that can be used with other resources. Download it for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Learn Spanish + for iPhone


Busuu brings together a community of native speakers and teachers to help you master the lessons in its app. It supports Spanish and twelve other European and Asian languages. The app boasts numerous features to help users reach fluency in their desired language. Some of these include a vocabulary trainer, specialized courses, as well as grammar review and study plan tools. The study plan feature and specialized courses make this the best app for anyone trying to fit learning Spanish into a busy schedule.

The app follows a step-by-step curriculum for users to go from beginner to advanced at their own pace. The app includes compact courses designed by language experts. Whether you’re a full-time parent, worker, or student, Busuu is on of the best apps to help you learn Spanish. Busuu is available for both iPhone and Android users. Download it for free in the App Store and Google Play.

Busuu for Android


Duolingo helps users learn Spanish by improving their reading, writing, and listening skills through fun and interactive gamification. You can also set daily goals and receive cool badges and rewards as you meet them!

The app does a good job at keeping learners interested and engaged on their journey to fluency. It uses all the tricks of game apps like badges and awards to keep the dopamine flowing. You'll start off by learning vocabulary like man, woman, boy and girl. They don't have a section on pronouns but it wouldn't be surprising if that is in the works. You then move on to simple phrases and a funny owl encourages you to stay the course.

Duolingo is one of the best apps for young students who are gamers or older folks who like apps like Candy Crush. It's backed by big Venture Capital firms so you are sure to see some of the best marketing initiatives out there for any language learning app. Download it for free in the App Store and Google Play.

Duolingo for Android

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone uses an immersive approach to help its students reach native proficiency in their target language. With its audio lessons, exciting stories, phrasebook for traveling, and other tools and features, users can learn everything from grammar to proper pronunciation in a way that feels both natural and comprehensive.

While this tool is one of the best options to learn a foreign language, it is important to note there are a few reviews that complain about some bugs in the software. Still, despite these issues, the app has a rating of 4.6 on Google Play. Rosetta Stoned is available for both iPhone and Android users. Download it for free on the App Store and Google Play.


HiNative is the reddit of language learning apps. This tool provides beginners with a community where they can ask and answer questions about their target language, country, and culture. It's one of the best ways to get instant feedback from native speakers. The app has several features; including the option to upload pictures for reading and writing assistance and audio recordings for natives to check your pronunciation.

HiNative is best for anyone who wants to learn Spanish and become multilingual using a Q&A format and with the help of a community of native speakers. As with all social networking apps, it is important to use caution and decency when posing questions and communicating with others. HiNative is available for both iPhone and Android users. Download it for free on the App Store and Google Play.

SpeakEasy Spanish

SpeakEasy Spanish is a phrasebook replete with expressions you’ll need to know while shopping, eating out, or simply getting around in a Spanish-speaking country. Each sentence is accompanied by a Spanish translation, as well as a phonetic translation to make it easy for English speakers to read the sayings.

The app also includes an audio recording of how a native Spanish speaker would pronounce phrases, as well as translations for both European and Latin American Spanish. So, whether you’re traveling to Spain or the Dominican Republic, SpeakEasy Spanish has got you covered. This app is one of the best tools for anyone who wants to learn useful phrases for the Spanish-speaking world. Download it for free on the App Store.

Learn Spanish by Mindsnacks

Learn Spanish by Mindsnacks is a fantastic way to study Spanish on the go. On this app, users can play fun language games, improve their vocabulary with over 1000+ words to study from, engage in enjoyable lessons to practice important Spanish verbs, and much more! This app has been around for a while and is one of the best for beginners.

Mindnacks provides rich and engaging games instead of tedious flashcards. You’ll learn over 1000 Spanish vocabulary words. There are lessons to help learn -AR, -IR and -ER verbs as conjugation. Mindsnacks is one of the best apps to words and verbs conveniently. Download it for free on the App Store.

So, there you have it, a list of the best apps for learning Spanish to kick start your learning journey.

Whether you are a student studying to pass a test, a world traveler planning your next trip or an on-the-go professional, there is something on this list to help you master the Spanish language.

Don’t wait for a chance to communicate with the over 400 million people who make up the Spanish-speaking world. Start now and one day you’ll be grateful to see your efforts rewarded with a new set of friends and experiences!

If we missed one of the best apps for learning Spanish, don't hesitate to email us at outreach@vidalingua.com.

Happy learning!

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