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Although it is entirely possible to learn a new language on your own, it’s often much easier to stay consistent and overcome certain hurdles in your learning process when you receive proper guidance.

Of course, the best kind of education and language immersion can only be provided in the country where the language you wish to learn is spoken on a native level.

That is why the majority of language students and enthusiasts spend a lot of time considering the many options they are faced with when picking the country, city, and the right kind of language school for their particular learning needs.

For many people looking to master English in an English-speaking country, Ireland may be the perfect choice, as it offers a wonderful balance between language learning and unique cultural experiences.

However, no matter if you already live in Ireland, or you’re just visiting for a fixed period of time and would like to stay on top of your language learning habits, here are 10 best language schools that you can find in Ireland.

Introduction to Language Schools in Ireland

Ireland is a popular choice among international students looking to get a higher education from an Irish university. Therefore, many language schools in the country focus on providing intensive English language courses to foreigners.

However, if your aim is to learn another language while receiving instruction in English, many language schools also offer a wide range of foreign language courses. The most prominent ones include French, German, Spanish, Polish, Arabic, and Italian.

Fees normally vary depending on the intensity of the course, the location of the school, as well as the course duration. For accurate pricing, always check the relevant school’s website or send them an enquiry.

Our selection focuses on language schools that have a high user ranking on Google, but also positive user testimonials on their respective websites.

Atlas Language School, Dublin

Atlas Language School

The Atlas Language School in Dublin is one of the best ranked schools of its kind. Located in the heart of the capital of Ireland, this school is sure to cater to the needs of many international visitors, as well as local Dubliners who want to begin their language learning journeys.

This language school is recognized by ACELS (the Accreditation and Coordination of English Language Services, a service of Quality and Qualifications Ireland) as a top school in Dublin for English language teaching.

While their primary focus is English for foreign language speakers, they also offer courses in Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Italian, and Japanese. These are categorized under Modern Foreign Languages and they all include beginner to lower intermediate levels.

On top of their language courses, the Atlas Language School prides itself on top-notch student assistance and welfare, housing, social and cultural events, first-rate facilities, and a knowledgeable and caring staff.

Everest Language School, Dublin

Everest Language School

The Everest Language School has an excellent score of 4.9/5.0 stars on Google, and it becomes clear why just from a cursory look at their website.

This language school focuses on high quality English language teaching, as well as preparatory courses for internationally recognized exams such as IELTS, FCE and CAE.

The Everest Language School is centrally located in Dublin. It was founded by language instructors with the intention of giving students an amazing experience in Ireland’s capital while assisting them in reaching their language goals.

Once you’re done visiting the many historical sites in Dublin, you can take your pick from attending some of the school’s many entertaining and engaging social activities that get organized all year round.

The school bases every academic choice on in-house linguistic research results. The staff is dedicated to designing a special learning path for each student, for which they collaborate with several departments at Trinity College Dublin.

ULearn English School, Dublin

Ulearn Language School

Another highly ranked language school, the ULearn English School was founded all the way back in 1988. Their mission has remained the same to this day: helping international students successfully learn English while settling in Ireland for work or other reasons.

The school offers comprehensive English courses for students of all proficiency levels, from beginner to advanced, as well as Business English and exam preparation courses (IELTS, FCE and CAE). They also offer flexible arrangements in terms of evening lessons and online classes.

Learning with ULearn definitely seems like a unique experience for all those visiting Dublin with language learning in mind. While you are there, explore other top things to do in Dublin, and the ULearn English School will provide excellent accommodation options and exciting social events.

Linguaviva Centre, Dublin

Linguaviva Language School

The Linguaviva Centre is the first English language school to have ever been established in Dublin. The school takes great satisfaction in having taught English to international students since 1977, making it one of the most well-known language schools in Ireland. It is one of the original members of Marketing English in Ireland (MEI), and has also been accredited by ACELS.

The school has a vast array of English courses on offer, including General English, Business English, English for young learners, as well as exam preparation for FCE, CAE, and IELTS. Apart from their language courses, the Linguaviva Centre has its own student accommodation and many social activities organized outside the classroom.

Almost every student excursion in Dublin is accompanied by a representative from Linguaviva. Historic and cultural sites including Dublin Castle, Malahide Castle, Trinity College, and many more are visited once a week. A guide also leads weekend and all-day trips to locations including Glendalough, Kilkenny, and Newgrange.

Swan English Language Training, Dublin

Swan English Language Training

The Swan English Language Training Institute is situated on Grafton Street in the center of Dublin. It is one of the most well-known English schools in Ireland, where hundreds of students from across the globe enroll each year to study English, find employment in Dublin, and form friendships.

Swan ELT offers intensive General English courses, as well as morning and afternoon programs to suit every student’s schedule. They also have IELTS preparation courses for those who specifically want to prepare themselves for this internationally recognized exam.

The school boasts a unique approach to classroom teaching, combining the most recent technology with conventional language-learning techniques, and designing study sessions around students and their interests. The courses begin with specific weekly goals, and a monthly one-on-one teacher-student meeting is included to build on the students’ personalized study plans.

Apart from self-catering apartment and residence options, Swan ELT has a network of host families that frequently get inspected to ensure the highest possible standards of accommodation. The host families welcome students into their homes for the duration of the study program they’re enrolled in.

Centre of English Studies, Dublin

Centre of English Studies

Since its founding in 1979, the Centre of English Studies has been educating students coming to Dublin from all over the world to learn the English language. They are an award-winning language school that has an international network spanning schools in England, Canada, Scotland, and Ireland.

All CES instructors have a university degree in addition to a teaching credential recognized by ACELS, with many also possessing specialized EFL teaching credentials like DELTA. Instructors are selected based on their qualifications, as well as their passion, outlook, and capacity to make language study enjoyable.

Homestay and a wide range of other accommodation options are available at all CES campuses. CES is accredited and recognized by the British Council and ACELS, and it is also one of the founding members of MEI (Marketing English in Ireland).

Berlitz, Dublin

Berlitz Dublin

Since its founding in 1900, Berlitz has held a proven track record of success in assisting thousands of students in achieving their language objectives all throughout the year. Their main aim is to provide a positive environment where students feel free to study and improve their English skills.

Every student is treated on an individual basis and given support with a specially designed study schedule to help them reach their specific academic or professional objectives in General and Executive English. The students’ development is also meticulously tracked over the course of their education by providing regular feedback.

The Berlitz Dublin training facility provides a modern setting in the midst of this fantastic city. The administrative team is also at the students’ disposal to help them find housing in the city if needed.

The Olé School of Languages, Dublin

Olé School of Languages

Dublin-based Olé School of Languages is a well-known and recognized institution for learning foreign languages.

Apart from English, the school offers courses in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, and Irish. They provide services to kids and individuals of all ages who are interested in learning a language or honing their existing language skills.

The school advocates learning via immersion in the target language of choice. This is a balancing act: as students advance through the study stages and within a course, they can expect deeper immersion.

Teachers continually push students by using more of the target language as they move along, and will make an effort to use as little English in class as possible. Beginner levels have a good balance between immersion, understanding, and growth.

The instructors aim to maintain a fun, as well as productive class atmosphere. They motivate students to feel challenged in addition to liking the lessons and finding the course to be enjoyable all around.

Delfin English School

Delphin English School

The Delfin English School in Dublin is all about experiencing the vibrant student life in Ireland’s capital city. They provide an English language study experience where students can feel that they are a part of something unique and extraordinary.

By enrolling, you become a member of the worldwide community of “Delfiners”, and they guarantee that you will leave the school with more than just the experience of learning a new language.

Delfin’s amazing social program gives you the chance to see everything that Ireland has to offer while also giving you plenty of opportunities to practice your English in authentic social settings. It’s true that when students are having fun in class, they actually pick up English more quickly.

Your learning goals will be met in an engaging and enjoyable way thanks to the enthusiasm and expertise of Delfin’s instructors. The most up-to-date technology in English instruction is used to deliver classes in contemporary, spacious classrooms.

The Delfin English School also has the ACELS accreditation.

Cork English College, Cork

Cork English College

The Cork English College has a wide range of accreditations and experience in teaching English to students coming to Ireland from abroad. They consistently rank high in search results for language schools in Ireland and have a dedicated approach to immersive learning.

The College is located in the peaceful yet vibrant city of Cork. Apart from the high quality of their teaching services, Cork English College is one of the few remaining family-run English language schools in Ireland, which is definitely why it is many people’s first choice when choosing where to learn English in this country.

The staff at the College are aware that moving to another country to study English takes a significant amount of effort and emotional investment. They make it a point to support students through every stage of this process.

In order to make the most of their visit and create memories that will last a lifetime, the staff do everything from helping students with immigration issues, taking them on cultural tours and excursions, to supporting them with resume and career preparation.

The CEC is an authorized testing facility for several international exams, such as the Cambridge English exams and IELTS. It has also won the title of “Best Language School” at the Education Awards for the past three years in a row.

Good luck with your English studies!
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