11 Best Language Schools in Rio de Janeiro

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Are you ready to speak Portuguese, English, Spanish, French or other languages like a local? Do you want to travel and make friends around the world? Learning languages in Rio de Janeiro can make it happen. We researched the best language schools to help you save time. If you are looking for a school outside of Rio, see our article on Best Language Schools to Learn Portuguese in Brazil.

The City of Rio de Janeiro is nicknamed “the Marvelous City” and has been named a Global City. For reference a Global City is one that is considered to be a significant node in the global economy. Brazil Language is one of the strongest elements of Brazil’s national unity. Portuguese is spoken by nearly 100 percent of the population.

Learning Portuguese is a lot easier with a great app. Portuguese Translator + by Vidalingua is one of the best. You can download it for free on your iPhone or Android. Apps for learning English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese are available for iPhone or Android. Give one a try!

Caminhos Language Centre

The Caminhos Language Centre is one of the largest schools for learning Portuguese in Rio de Janeiro. They consistently earn excellent ratings from students on Tripadvisor and other ranking sites. Caminhos offers 9 levels of group courses, as well as private classes in a relaxed and fun environment. In addition, they offer at least 2 free activities per day to give students an opportunity to test their language skills outside of the classroom.

The Caminhos Language Centre uses a communicative approach to teaching that places emphasis on interaction. Their Brazilian teachers are carefully selected University graduates. They help students grasp Brazilian street talk known as gíria, which is useful for navigating the streets of Rio.

The school is renown for having created Mais Caminhos, a non-profit organization which provides education and scholarships to underprivileged children.

Fala Brasil

Fala Brasil is committed to high-quality Portuguese language learning and introducing participants to local Carioca culture. Students learn Brazilian Portuguese in a rapid, natural way through practical and experiential classes. Offsite lessons allow students to put their skills into action. Fala Brasil is located in Vila do Largo, one of Rio’s most vibrant and convienent neighborhoods. They offer individual and group sessions covering topics from Street Smarts to Business Communication with online options. Fala Brasil’s network of immersion partners provides unique access to local life in friendly environment.

Português Carioca

Português Carioca is a language course for students in Rio de Janeiro whose number one goal is learn to speak Brazilian Portuguese. The course at this language school is intended for all nationalities who live, work, study or on vacation in Brazil and really want to learn to speak the Brazilian language in first place.

Carioca Languages

Carioca Languages is a course specialized in teaching Portuguese to students since 2011. The school attends to different nationalities, ages and objectives in dynamic, fast and effective manner. Carioca Languages classes are organized according to the students' objectives. This way, they attend the necessities of all profiles: residents, tourist, exchange students, professionals.

Language Vacation

Learn Portuguese in Rio, enjoy your Portuguese learning vacation in the cidade marvilhosa "marvellous city", located between the ocean and the mountains. The school is situated just four blocks from the famous Ipanema Beach, which means you can come to school wearing your shorts and Havaianas! Every day there are 100% free and fun activities in Rio de Janeiro for students to socialise and practise their developing Portuguese skills. The wide-ranging activities and excursions the school offers enables students to get to know each other better.

Idiomas Rio

Idiomas Rio is a school specialised in Portuguese which offers regular language courses and private classes. They are committed to high-quality language learning. At Idiomas Rio, students learn Brazilian Portuguese in a rapid, natural way.

BrazilLink Portuguese Language School

BrazilLink Portuguese Language School is located in Barra da Tijuca. The school has 3 classrooms with multimedia equipment, fans, air-conditioning and natural light. BrazilLink is more than a language school, it’s a place where language meets culture. Teachers have years of experience and they love what they do, they enjoy meeting new students and offer a warm welcome that makes you feel at home right away. 


As well as teaching the Portuguese language, the lessons at Aprenda2 have been specifically developed to answer the newcomer’s questions and concerns. This makes the experience all the richer. So that you can make the utmost of your experience, Aprenda2 has developed the ALEGRIA course. It goes much further than simply teaching you Brazilian Portuguese. The ALEGRIA course includes sociocultural questions such as the way of life, habits, traditions and much more. Thus you will enrich your experience in Brazil, go beyond the cultural shock and make your integration with the local people easier.

Fala Aí Portuguese

Fala Aí is a Portuguese language school is located in Copacabana, near Siqueira Campos metro station. It was created in January 2016 and has since helped countless people from all over the world to achieve the goal of learning Portuguese. During the classes, topics that relate to the culture and daily life of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil are addressed, Students will understand how things work in Rio and then they can live to the fullest their experience.

ILC Brasil

Opened in 2014, the “Instituto de Língua e Cultura Brasileira ILC Brasil” is more than a Brazilian Portuguese language institute. Beyond striving to offer a learning experience, they act as a research center: putting together academic research, new technologies and innovative teaching techniques to the service of the language of Camões as it is spoken in Brazil.

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