Marta Waterman

Marta Waterman, French Teacher and Much More

Marta Waterman is passionate about languages and is fascinated by the ways in which people express themselves. She learned to speak French at the age of 13. In college she majored in classical vocal performance and learned Italian and German. She learned Mandarin later in life and has started learning Hebrew as well.

Marta loves to teach French to people with one-on-one tutoring. Her home in Stone Ridge, New York provides a comfortable and supportive environment for students of all ages.

When Marta teaches children, she only speaks French to them and makes it fun with videos, food, games and everyday conversation. The younger the child, the more easily they pick up a new language, and it's captivating to watch the learning process.

Marta works with adults who want to refresh and improve their ability, as well as beginners who just have an interest in learning French. She also tutors students who are taking French in school who want extra help in pronunciation, fluency and comprehension.

Every session is specifically tailored to the student's current level of ability, goals and desires. Marta provides a supportive environment to make every student feel safe to try speaking and comprehending in French language.

Marta recommends Vidalingua language apps to some of her students. "Vidalingua apps are so great! I use Learn French + and French Translator + when I am teaching. I like the fact that the pronunciation is accurate and that they have useful phrases for students. Plus, the apps are attractive, and I like the dancing Panda that encourages students to learn."

An author, in 2012 Marta released her first book Dream, Believe, Create about creating the life of your dreams. In 2016 she published a book about Robert Adsit, a very creative artist and musician who has had an enormous influence on her life and music. That book is entitled The Art and Life of Robert J. Adsit.

In addition to all that, Marta finds time to be a Fitness Coach and teach music classes. Amazing!

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