French Love Words and Sayings To Impress Your BAE

Some say that French is the language of love. They also say that in love, to be French is already half the way. So if you'd like to 'être en bail' with your new French 'crush' or BAE (Before Anyone Else) shortly, you'd better learn what 'je suis raide dingue de toi' means!

If you're learning French, you just can't ignore the French vocabulary related to love. Make sure you know the right words and phrases to impress your French date. And once you get a oui, you could take them out for some delicious traditional French dishes and desserts. Because as French people say: "The way to somebody's heart is through their stomach".

We've compiled a list of the most romantic French words and phrases to help you talk like a French lover. If you want to keep them in your pocket, you might want to try French Translator & Dictionary + by VidaLingua. You can download it for free on your iPhone or Android.

French Words and Expressions for Love

amour - love

amoureux (boy) or amoureuse (girl) - love

baiser - a kiss or... to fuck (As a noun, it's just a kiss. As a verb, it's quite vulgar!)

bécoter - to smooch

câlin - cuddle

cœur - heart

choper or pécho - to pick up

coup de foudre - love at first sight

craquer pour quelqu'un - to fall for someone

crush - someone you are secretely in love with

demande en mariage - marriage proposal

flirter - to flirt

galocher - to French kiss

mots d'amour - sweet nothings

murmurer des mots doux - to whisper sweet nothings

passion - passion

se prendre un râteau - to get a knock back

rouler un patin or rouler un pelle - to French kiss

sortir avec quelqu'un - to date somebody

tomber amoureux/euse (boy/girl) or tomber en amour (Quebec) - to fall in love

French Phrases for Love

Je suis raide dingue de toi.
I'm totes crazy about you.

Je t'aime de tout mon cœur.
I love you with all my heart.

Tu es l'amour de ma vie.
You are the love of my life.

Tu es le soleil de ma vie.
You are the sunshine of my life.

Je suis amoureux de toi. (boy speaking) or Je suis amoureuse de toi. (girl speaking)
I am in love with you.

Mon cœur bat la chamade.
My heart is pounding wildly.

Tu es l'élu(e) de mon cœur.
You are the one chosen by my heart i.e. You are the one.

Je suis en couple.
I'm in a relationship.

Je suis en bail.
I'm in a relationship (not really serious and not for long - 'bail' meaning lease...).

J'ai envie de toi.
I want you.

J'en pince pour toi.
I have a crush on you.

Tu m'as brisé le cœur.
You broke my heart.

Je veux vivre avec toi.
I want to live with you.

Je veux passer ma vie avec toi.
I want to spend my life with you.

Je t'appartiens.
I belong to you.

Nous sommes faits l'un pour l'autre.
We are meant for each other.

Veux-tu m'épouser ?
Will you marry me?

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