Top 18 Online Tutors for Learning French

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Looking for a perfect French online Tutor? If you’re wondering how to learn French with an online course, the good news is that you can have it all. Whether you’ve reached the end of your self-study materials and you’re looking for a next step, or you’re just jumping into online learning, you may need a little help choosing the right course for you.

We’ve done the research to bring you the best Online Tutors for Learning French. We’ll show you the highest quality sites for a French teacher that you can start learning with today.

Learning French is a lot easier with mobile apps. Before going online, try French Translator Dictionary + for iPhone and Android.


LiveLingua uses Skype as their online platform to give you live web-conference or telephone tutoring sessions in French. This is another platform that allows you to sign up for free and gives you a free trial class. Keep in mind that the French tutors and teachers on this platform are exclusively from France. If France is your Francophone destination, go for these tutors.

Teach Me Français

If you’re interested in learning French slang, dialects, and a bit about French culture too, Teach Me Français is the perfect place to start! Teach Me Français is run by Bradley Grochocinski who has been speaking French since 2007 ; he now has a C2 native-level of fluency and a near-native accent. Bradley holds a Bachelor’s degree in French, linguistics, and archaeology from the University of Illinois at Chicago, a certificate in French Linguistics from La Sorbonne in Paris, and a Master’s degree in intercultural business and French from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Français Immersion

Français Immersion offers Private French Lessons (or Coaching Sessions). Learn French 101 via SKYPE with Thomas Studer, a French Native Speaker who also speaks fluently Spanish and English. He is also the founder of Français Immersion. This program will help you find the motivation to keep learning French. Each session is adapted to your personal schedule, your French level and objectives.

French Fluency

Angel Pretot offers online coaching services for diplomats, international business people, expatriate and immigrants who relocate to French speaking countries. He work one-on-one and follows a process that he designs called "Your Roadmap to Fluency". During this process he discovers the needs of the student, analyses their current level and then designs a French learning plan that's specific to each person. After that is done, he works through the plan with his students, and makes sure that they develop exactly the skills they need.

French à La Carte

French à la Carte offers high-quality, personalized tutoring for students, visitors, expats, professionals and diplomats. Based in Paris, French à La Carte started in 2012, offering one-on-one tutoring and immersion experiences. They recently added online tutoring to their repertoire. France à la Carte's team of skilled tutors are all native French speakers and have extensive experience creating tailor-made tutoring sessions. If standard French lessons do not correspond to your learning style, you should try their personalized and flexible approach.

French via Skype

Learn French via Skype and connect to francophone culture. Laure of French via Skype will provide you with international experience, and can offer French lessons with Skype for adults and children. Individuals or small groups. Laure has 15 years’ experience teaching French in Europe, including French lessons via Skype. She worked full-time teaching French at a secondary school in the Czech Republic, as well as having her own Language School in Prague.

Chegg Tutors

Chegg Tutors offers French tutors with that indescribable je ne sais quoi for any level, so you can easily start to improve your French skills right from the start. Connect with a live, online French tutor. These University Experts are available 24/7 through Video, Chat, and Whiteboards.

Verbal Planet

Learn to speak French where you want; when you want. Ultimate flexibility. Pick lesson times that fit around your lifestyle and learn online from any location. It's affordable too. Book from just one French lesson to a whole language course depending on your needs and goals. Enjoy interactive classes on Skype with some of the best native speaking French teachers from around the world.

Learn French with Alexa

Alexa Polidoro, from Learn French with Alexa, is a real French teacher with many years experience of teaching French to adults and children. Alexa has been able to combine professionalism and humour into her online French Course, in such a way as to make learning with her a genuine pleasure. The course is progressive and challenging with a broad and useful syllabus, spoken in a way that the French themselves would speak. Choose one of Alexa's top-rated courses and take your French to the NEXT LEVEL!

Learn French Lab

Learn French Lab is an online coaching service that aims to help people learn to speak French with a consistent and convincing French accent. You can watch some lessons for free and then sign up for personalized coaching sessions if you’re interested. While this is one of many webinar style teaching tools that are becoming more and more popular, what makes this particular interactive teaching service stand out from the rest is its creator and (potentially) your French coach, Annette Gilleron. Annette has been working for several London Universities for a number of years and she is an official CEFR examiner. Besides being qualified and experienced, Annette also brings a lot of fun to her virtual-lessons.


Dr. Aaron Ralby is the founder and director of Linguisticator Ltd. He holds a BA in English and Modern Languages and Linguistics from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County; an MPhil in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic from the University of Cambridge; and a PhD in Medieval Studies from Cornell University. Aaron is the principle overseer of course creation at Linguisticator and also presents all final materials produced by his team of linguists and native speakers.

French by Video Chat

Sylvie is a professionnal French trainer who speaks English and German and lives in France. You will be immersed in the French language from the very beginning. She'll do everything she can to make you feel confident! Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, the lessons are tailored to your personal needs. You can practice grammar, vocabulary and conversation on various topics. The lessons can take place anywhere you like. You only need a computer or a smartphone/tablet with a free Skype, Hangouts or Messenger account.

French Lessons on Skype

Stéphanie of French Lessons on Skype is a native French teacher who offers French lessons at beginner, intermediate and advanced level, via Skype. She teaches real French for real life, the way French native speakers speak it, not the way it’s taught in dusty old school textbooks. You can book a 30 minute trial session to find out whether the lessons are for you.

Learn French At Home

Learning French at Home is another European platform. The tutors are from either France or Switzerland. This platform does not give you any trial classes, but it does give you real structure regardless of your language level.

French Faster

This platform allows you to sign up for free using your contact information and language level. Then they give you a complimentary trial class with a teacher. If you’re happy with the accelerated learning method, you can sign up for more sessions with your tutor! The accelerated learning method has three pillars: Constructivism, participative learning and memorization.

French Tutor Online

French Tutor Online is geared solely to the French learning market, so they’re really specialized! Teachers are also mostly European-based but the real added bonus here is that, in addition to flexible and affordable rates, you can sign up for 1:1 sessions or group lessons.


Lingoda is a well-known, cutting-edge modern online language school, which offers live French lessons. It helps students from all corners of the world to attain their dream of speaking a second or third language fluently. The lessons are in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each lesson is conducted by a native French teacher. Students are given inspiring learning material for both during class and their self-study, and their French teacher is available to motivate students and encourage progress.


Lingostan provides lesson on Skype with professional teachers or informal conversation with tutors. Students can change teacher whenever they want. The site connects people who want to learn or improve their French language with people who want to teach them ("tutors" or "teachers"). The classes are one-to-one and take place on your preferred VOIP platform: Skype, WeChat, Google Hangout, etc. Sign up for free to become a member of their community. You will receive 3 free trial lessons as a welcome gift!

If we missed one of your favorite French Online Tutors, even if it's you, don't hesitate to email to let us know.

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Looking for interactive exercises to practice speaking and comprehension? Download Learn French + for free on your iPhone or iPad.

Happy learning!

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