21 French Internet Slang Abbreviations and Acronyms

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Do you want to know the French version of LOL, LMAO or WTF? Wondering what French people mean by NPTK or OSEF? If you want to text like a native then this article is for you. You'll learn to chat with your French friends using internet slang. It's faster and a lot more fun so let's get started.

Internet slang goes by a lot of names like textspeak, chatspeak and initialisms. It uses abbreviations and acronyms to make typing faster. Mobile phones contributed to making it a world-wide phenomenon and the French have extended this internet jargon in new directions. You probably know how to say I love you in French but can you guess how to say it in netlingo? We've compiled a list of the most common French internet slang abbreviations so you can text like a boss!

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A+ - À Plus, À Plus tard
English equivalent: CU, CUL, SYL (See you, See You Later)

ASKIP - À Se K'Il Paraît (À ce qu'il paraît)
English translation: It seems that

BJR - Bonjour
English translation: good morning

BLC - je m'en Bats Les Couilles
English equivalent: IDGF (I Don't Give a Fuck)

bof - meh

BSR - Bonsoir
English translation: good evening

DSL - Désolé
English equivalent: SRY (SorRY)

JSP - Je ne sais pas.
English equivalent: IDK (I don't know.)

JTM - Je t'aime.
English translation: I love you.

MBAB - Mère Bonne À Baiser
English equivalent: MILF (Mother I'd Like to Fuck)

MDR - Mort De Rire
English equivalent: LOL (Laughing Out Loud)

NPTK - N'imPorTe Koi (n'importe quoi)
English equivalent: BS (BullShit)

OKLM - On se KaLMe (on se calme)
English translation: chill

OSEF - On S'En Fout
English equivalent: CCL (Couldn't Care Less)

PDM - Putain de merde
English equivalent: WTF (What The Fuck)

PK - PourKoi
English translation: why

PTDR - Pété de rire
English equivalent: LMAO (Laughing My Ass Off)

English translation: hi, hello

STP or SVP - S'il Te Plaît or S'il Vous Plaît
English equivalent: PLS or PLZ (Please)

TKT - T'inKièTe (t'inquiète)
English equivalent: DWAI (Don't Worry About It)

VDM - Vie De Merde
English equivalent: FML (Fuck My Life)

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Christine Ducos-Restagno
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