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Advanced features and extensive content make VidaLingua the most comprehensive Japanese English Dictionary & Translator for Android Phones and Tablets.

I am a third year student of Japanese. I tried a few free Japanese dictionaries and found this one to be the best. Not only for the comprehensive dictionary but also for the verb conjugator and phrasebook. "

A necessity when trying to immerse yourself into a language. Thank you for all the help! "

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   Comprehensive Dictionary

Japanese English Dictionary with hundreds of thousands of offline entries. Includes translations, parts-of-speech and usage examples.


Twenty categories such as Conversation, Asking Directions, Eating Out, Flirting and Making Friends. Search on key word. Hear phrases pronounced in Japanese or English.

   Verb Conjugator

Conjugations of thousands of Japanese & English verbs in all major moods (Indicative, Volitional, Presumptive...) and tenses (Affirmative, Negative).


Text-to-speech pronunciation of all dictionary entries, translations, usage examples, phrases and verbs.


Translate complete sentences from one language to another (requires internet). Hear translations pronounced in Japanese and English.

   Learning Companion

Language is living! Only VidaLingua allows you to add notes and images to the dictionary. Japanese English Dictionary & Translator + is an engaging travel companion, enriched by your learning experiences.

"Bilingual dictionary apps from VidaLingua are hugely popular... they're free and they work offline, handy when you're actually abroad."

"This complete version comes with absolutely all the features and the huge database. In the end, it's the perfect app both for those who are travelling to Spain or any Spanish-speaking country and those who are studying Cervantes's noble language." Peter Warrior

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