What's New

Android Dictionary +

English to Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese

Version 7.2.26

  • Increased speed of default text-to-speech (TTS) pronunciation. To change Audio Speed, tap menu icon (top-right) > Settings.

  • Added Canadian words such as foufounes, écrapoutiller, atchoumer and chauffer to French versions.

  • Added plurals to German versions such as Ärzte, Werkstätten and Töchter.

  • Added hundreds of additional entries to French and Spanish versions.

  • Improved screen layouts and in-app help.

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Version 7.2.22

  • Back by popular demand, Black Theme! See menu > Settings > Themes.

  • Added tens of thousands of meanings and examples to free version.

  • Added hundreds of new headwords, meanings and examples to Spanish & French versions.

  • Implemented My Phrases category so users can add their own phrases to Phrasebook.

  • Added search bar to PhraseBook.

  • Implemented audio speed setting. See menu > Settings > Audio Speed.

  • Eliminated TTS language switching delay.

  • Improved layout of dictionary headwords screen.

  • Fixed Translate Conjugate bug.

  • Eliminated attach photo crash.

  • Improved in-app help.

Version 7.1.29

  • Added thousands of entries to Spanish, French & Italian dictionaries.

  • Released Japanese Dictionary & Translator in addition to other languages.

  • Improved user interface with black text on white background screens and material icons.

  • Implemented Flashcards feature to study vocabulary words. See word in one language and flip to see translation.

  • Implemented Favorites for dictionary words. Tap heart icon on headword page to save to favorites.

  • Added browse Favorites icon to home screen action bar to view list of favorite words. Add Words feature moved to menu.

  • Added all words to free versions of the dictionaries. Premium versions have more meanings, examples, conjugation tenses & phrases.

  • Added support for installing dictionaries on SD cards.

  • Fixed lookup crashes occurring with some French dictionary words.

  • Enhanced category icons, flag icons and app icons.

  • Improved Quiz screen layout.

Version 6.4.12

  • Added thousands of entries to Spanish, French and Italian versions including sentence examples in addition to expressions.

  • Added hundreds of entries to distinguish regional variations of Spanish for Argentina, Mexico, Cuba, Chile, etc.

  • Added hundreds of new head words for Spanish, French and Italian based on online lookups of words not found on device.

  • Restored text-to-speech (TTS) pronunciation for users who select Settings > Online TTS > Use instead of your device voices.

  • Eliminated delay before hearing th TTS pronunciation of words containing accented characters on certain devices.

  • Replaced TTS installation with alert instructing user how to install TTS from Google Play if not present on device.

  • Improved Translate feature by displaying dictionary entries if user requests translation of single word.

  • Enhanced usability of Translate feature by hiding keyboard after user submits phrase to show translation.

  • Changed French verb conjugator to display "nous, vous" instead of "ns, vs".

Version 6.3.10

  • Doubled number of dictionary entries in Free versions.

  • Thousands of additional dictionary entries in paid versions added by our team of linguists.

  • Improved navigation to access dictionary, phrasebook, verb conjugator, translator and quiz. Swipe finger from top left to show menu.

  • Major enhancements for tablets. Split views show lookup lists on left and entries on right. Support for tilting to landscape.

  • Improved layout for phrase Translator.

  • Action bar buttons to navigate between dictionary entries and verb conjugations.

  • Add your own words to the dictionary (premium).

  • Store user-added words in the cloud and sync between Android devices (premium).

  • Online lookup for dictionary words not found on device (premium).

  • Extended dictionary, phrasebook, verb conjugator, monthly translator credits and no ads are now available in freemium version on a subscription basis.

  • Improved pronunciation uses high-fidelity tts when Wi-Fi is available and on device tts if not.

  • Moved history button (clock) from search field to action bar.

  • Dictionary entries of verb forms now include context menu to conjugate, translate or pronounce. Hold finger down for 1 second to access the context menu.

  • Fixed problem of looking up words with words including œ or æ.

  • Localized user interface text.

  • Numerous improvements to screen layouts, menu icons and help.

Version 5.3.12

  • Single Search. Words from both languages are stored in a single index so you no longer need to select a language lookup direction.

  • Usage Examples. Now displayed on dictionary keyword screen in addition to lookup list.

  • Improved Phrasebook. Increased size to 528 phrases (265 in each language) in 20 categories.

  • Noun Genders. Now displayed next to dictionary keywords in addition to translations.

  • Reverse Lookup. Tap on any translation or usage example to look it up in the dictionary.

  • Text-to-speech Pronunciation. Tap on any translation to or usage example to hear audio pronunciation.

  • Enhanced support for accented characters. Tap and hold keyboard letter to display accented variations used to search.

  • Improved Performance. Fast lookups and database initialization.

  • Translate buttons added to initiate full text translation when editing is complete.

  • Improved layout and colors for dictionary, phrasebook and verb conjugation screens.

  • Verb Conjugation. Added action bar option to conjugate verbs found in dictionary.

  • Improved tab menu icons and option naming.

  • Improved phrase category and speaker icons.

  • Removed Bing Translation as Microsoft no longer offers API for free.

  • Added dictionary words reported missing by users.

Version 5.2

Google announced that the Google Translate API used in version 5.1 will no longer be free as of December 1st, 2011. As a result, we have implemented several options to insure continuity, see FAQ for more information.

  • Implemented Settings > Translate using... > Google Translate (In-App) to provide seemless integration with Google Translate API.

  • Implemented Settings > Translate using... > Bing Translator (In-App) to provide seemless integration with Bing Translator API.

  • Implemented Settings > Translate using... > Google Translate (Browser) to provide free access to Google Translate from browser window.

  • Implemented Settings > Translate using... > Bing Translator (Browser) to provide free access to Bing Translator from browser window.

  • Implemented Settings > Translate using... > Custom URL (Browser) to provide free access to translation web site from browser window.

  • Added in-app purchase of Google Translate credits to provide seemless integration with Google Translate after Google ends free service.

  • Added text-to-speech for translations, phrases and conjugations.

  • Improved translation screen format.

  • Added minimum media volume to insure that users hear text-to-speech even if media volume was set to off by another application.

  • Improved Attach Image setting on dictionary word translation screen to automatically resize images.

  • Fixed bug in conjugation lookup.

  • Enhanced dictionary and conjugation lookup of words including special characters.

  • Added clear text button for lookup and translation fields.

  • Improved graphics for splash screen, tab icons and application icon for hi-res devices and tablets.

Version 5.1

  • Improved dictionary lookup screen lookup.

  • Added history button next to lookup field.

  • Improved icon for switch language direction to the right of lookup field.

  • Increase number of conjugations to include over 6,000 verbs.

  • Improved quiz algorithm to filter for compound forms and proper nouns.

  • Implemented text-to-speech for dictionary lookups (requires internet).

  • Implemented Translate tab to provide access to Google Translate API (requires internet, availability subject to Google policies).