Top 11 Travel Blogs for France

Planning to visit France? According to The Statistics Portal, Europe is the number one destination for most travelers and with 83.7 million international tourists, France leads the world in the field of tourism. Whether you are planning to discover the wonders of France with a romantic getaway to Paris, a ski holiday in the Alps, a nature vacation by the ocean or a chic stay on the Riviera, France has many must-see sites.

We’ve looked far and wide to bring you the best Travel Blogs for a dream holiday to France.

1. France Travel Info by Debbie Cochener

Debbie is the creator and primary photographer for her website that helps create vacation memories in France. She has been travelling all over the country and has selected places that will make you feel a part of everyday life in France. Debbie strongly recommends “stay-cations” rather than vacations to deeply enjoy the French way of life.

2. France Travel Guide by Nomadic Matt

Matt is New York Times best-selling author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day and founder of this site. His France Travel Guide gives you advice to travel better, cheaper, and longer. It is about showing you what it’s really like on the road.

3. The Good Life in France by Janine Marsh

Janine is a writer and francophile. In 2012, she set up The Good Life France website to keep in touch with family and friends from France, but it rapidly became a website for everyone. She writes about the wonderful places she visited in France and shares her insider knowledge and secret places.

4. France Travel Tips by Janice Chung

Janice says she can't stop going to France. She keeps returning and has had some unique experiences that are not often written about in guide books. She loves researching trips and unique experiences and helping others save time and money.

5. To Europe and Beyond by Marie-Eve Vallières

Marie-Eve says that travel is the greatest gift anyone can get. She truly believes in travel as an education in and out of itself, on a variety of topics. Marie-Eve shares her travel tricks, must-does and must-sees, to discover France without breaking the bank.

6. Life in our Van by the Thorley Family

Catherine, Richard, Lottie and Libby packed their bags, jumped in a motorhome and got off to explore Europe. The Thorley family shares expert tips, advice and personal experiences to help you visit France and live a great French adventure.

7. French Moments by Rachel and Pierre Guernier

Pierre and Rachel started French Moments as a blog to share some cultural pages and things about France for their students. It then turned into a huge travel and cultural resource with information, pictures, tips and tricks for a great holiday in beautiful France.

8. Miss Tourist by Yulia Saf

Yulia’s blog main mission is to inspire you to travel more. In all her blog posts, Yulia tries to give some little tips and tricks to visit France in a “smart” way. That is to say by not paying for what is not necessary while experiencing must-see sites and must-do things in France.

9. Hand Luggage Only by Yaya and Lloyd

In 2014, Yaya and LLoyds talked about sharing their travel stories and photos with other like-minded travellers on the Internet. They started writing blog posts and within a few hours and great photos they had already edited, their blog was online and ready to go!

10. Allon France

This blog is designed to offer images and information from some of the places that the authors visited along the time in France. All you need to know as a tourist about France and its wonders is here: beauty, traveling, learning, experiencing and enjoying life in France.

11. Mélange Travel by Robin Locker Lacey

Robin is the owner of Mélange Travel and has been dishing out France travel advice and planning trips for nearly a decade. She is known as the 'Carryon Queen' in certain circles because she is a minimalist and naturally travels light. Robin is a Francophile, lover of food and wine, indy traveler, and says she never met a French cheese she didn't like!

If we missed one of your favorite blogs, even if it's your own, don't hestiate to email us at info@vidalingua.com to let us know.

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Happy travelling!

Christine Ducos-Restagno
Lead French Linguist