Best Schools to Learn Brazilian Portuguese in Brazil

Are you looking for the top schools in Brazil to learn Brazilian Portuguese? If so, then you are in the right place. We have put together a list of the best schools for learning Brazilian Portuguese in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and other areas in Brazil.

Whether you are learning Brazilian Portuguese for work, to pass an exam or to get the most out of a holiday, these schools really deliver. You will experience a quality learning experience in fantastic settings, and you you might make some good friends along the way.

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Rio & Learn

Rio & Learn is a Portuguese language school in Rio de Janeiro that provides a fantastic location to learn Portuguese. The school is just a few metres from the beach so you can relax after class and enjoy the sun. Famous beaches like Copacabana and Ipanema are walking distance and Rio's many treasures are easily accessible by bike, bus or metro. You will learn Portuguese while enjoying sunkissed beaches, evocative samba, spectacular views, rich culture, mouth-watering cuisine and vibrant people.

At Rio & Learn, learning Portuguese is innovative and fast. Classes have a maximum of six people so your teacher's attention is truly focused on your learning needs. For students who want to learn faster, Rio & Learn offers one-to-one classes. You’ll assimilate the language as we take you to different places to live real situations. With Rio & Learn’s Funlearning Method, enjoyment is central to the language learning experience. Choose to learn Portuguese while having the experience of your life at Rio & Learn.

Caminhos Language Centre

The Caminhos Language Centre is one of the largest schools for learning Portuguese in Rio de Janeiro. They consistently earn excellent ratings from students on Tripadvisor and other ranking sites. Caminhos offers 9 levels of group courses, as well as private classes in a relaxed and fun environment. In addition, they offer at least 2 free activities per day to give students an opportunity to test their language skills outside of the classroom.

The Caminhos Language Centre uses a communicative approach to teaching that places emphasis on interaction. Their Brazilian teachers are carefully selected University graduates. They help students grasp Brazilian street talk known as gíria, which is useful for navigating the streets of Rio.

The school is renown for having created Mais Caminhos, a non-profit organization which provides education and scholarships to underprivileged children.

Fast Forward Language Institute

Since 1991, Fast Forward Language Institute has been devoted to providing high quality and personalized instruction in Portuguese São Paulo. The mission of Fast Forward is to provide quality Portuguese language programs in a professional and friendly environment that offers an effective and enjoyable learning experience to all our students.

Diálogo Brazil Language School

Diálogo Brasil is one of the first schools of educational exchange in Brazil. Founded in 1989 in Salvador da Bahia, it is a reference in teaching and training of acculturation Portuguese for foreigners. That's over 28 years of experience and quality in teaching Portuguese and Brazilian culture. Their mission is to provide the best language and Brazilian culture program with quality services and creating new partnerships that share the philosophy and values of the company, customer satisfaction.

It’s Cool Language Center

Being in operation since 1993 has granted It’s Cool Language Center quite a status teaching Portuguese in São Paulo and FLAS -Foreign Language and Area Studies Program), most of all due to the heartfelt dedication of its teachers and staff. The mission of It's cool is endorsing a close approach to the everyday routine and culture of the countries and their native languages so that the students may feel themselves confident and comfortable in the use of the second language.

ILC Brasil

Opened in 2014 in Rio de Janeiro, the Instituto de Língua e Cultura Brasileira ILC Brasil is more than a Brazilian Portuguese language institute. Beyond striving to offer the best learning experience, we act as a research center: putting together academic research, new technologies and innovative teaching techniques to the service of the language of Camões as it is spoken in Brazil.

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