Top 13 Travel Blogs for South America

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Whether you are thinking about a short trip to Chile, Argentina, Brazil or a three month journey across the continent, this list of best travel blogs for South America will be an inspiring first step. Read about travelling experiences and plan a trip to South America that suits you best.

From solo travelers or couples, the multiple experiences you will read about in these blogs will feed your desire for adventure.

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Never Ending Voyage

Simon and Erin is the couple behind Never Ending Voyage, an easy-to-read blog about two world travelers and their adventures. They are seeing the world since 2010 and earning a life as digital nomads. You will find useful vegetarian survival guides and practical guides to many South American countries. Also, they offer many tips on backpacking and recommendations about destinations.

Uncornered market

The Uncornered Market is a creation of a husband-and-wife storytelling team, Daniel and Audrey. After a one-way ticket trip 18 years ago, they have been travelling around more than 90 countries. They admit their “insatiable curiosity about the world and its people” and share their experiences on this wonderful blog. One interesting issue is their passion for “Mindful travelling”. They also post delicious food guides and key travel resources.

The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad is a creation of Kiersten, a girl from California, who took the decision of leaving her career to become a world traveler. After more than 50 countries, she has many pieces of advice to give about where to go and what to eat in South America. She also has great recommendations for female and solo travelers.

An Adventurous World

In the South American section, Macca Sherifi, the blogger behind An Adventurous World, shares experiences and tips about travelling around Argentina, Bolivia and Chile. He is also writing about Ecuador in this very moment. As he is a photographer, the blog is full of beautiful and inspiring images from the places he loves.

Not Wed or Dead

Among many countries, Katy has visited Uruguay, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Peru. She has created some interesting and inspiring posts about her backpacking trips in South America. Also, in Not Wed or Dead you will find exciting stories from other solo travelers in the section The Lonely Hearts Travel Club.

Leave Your Daily Hell

Leave Your Daily Hell host the writings and pictures of a traveler, Robert. He is seeing the world since 2009 in a search for meaning, freedom and adventure. He is willing to inspire and empower travelers. You will find practical matters and some nice South America highlights - This blog is a must-read for those who are willing to visit Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Colombia.

Wanderlust Chloe

Chloe is an UK blogger who started her trip around the world in 2014, after quitting her stressful media job. By 2016 she had already taken 47 flights. Among many other South American countries, she created great travel guides to Chile and Argentina. In her dedicated guides you will find top things to do and how to get to must-see places, as well as useful tips on what to eat.

Midnight Blue Elephant

Annika, a girl with a thirsty heart, creates wonderful posts in Midnight Blue Elephant. The blog is full of fresh ideas and tips for travelling around Brazil. You will also find a great Caipirinha recipe, experiences on Favela life and a food guide which includes both what to eat and what not to eat.

Koala Travels The World

Koala Travels The World has a must-see section about South America. The author, Xin’en from Singapore, wrote a lot about her experiences in her 8 months trip along the continent. She offers plenty of tips for travelers, such as information regarding VISA requests and vaccinations.

Don’t Forget to Move

Vegetarians will love this digital nomad couple - Their food tips are always welcomed! Christine and Jules wish to promote and inspire authentic and responsible world travelers. They explain how to travel responsibly and why you should care about it, which is a truly fresh approach to travelling nowadays. “It is making decisions about where to visit, who to book with and what activities to do based on the awareness that we, as travelers, have an effect on the people and places we visit”.

Kiwis Off Course

Bianca and Brett moved from New Zealand to London and then started travelling around Europe first and the whole world next. Among travel resources and brilliant pieces of advice, there is an useful list of food vocabulary explaining the ingredients of local recipes when their names aren’t transparent, such as ‘ceviche de chocho’ y ‘seco de chivo’ in Ecuador. And they never lose budget as a key factor when recommending excursions and places to go.

Travel Ojos

In Travel Ojos many authors write, so it’s a nice place where to find different opinions and experiences. They have some posts about South America, such as a Guide to Patagonia Argentina and a Fabulous Holiday to Rio de Janeiro.

Bacon Is Magic

Last but not least, Bacon is Magic is a wonderful blog for food lovers. If you are one of those travelers who miss the places you visited in your tongue, you will love this blog - It is full of recipes from around the world. In Ayngelina words “I travel to share the best food around the world and how to make it at home”.

If we missed one of your favorite blogs, even if it's your own, don't hestiate to email us at to let us know.

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Happy travelling!

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