Top 11 Online Tutors for Learning German

Do you want to ace your German class or make the most of a trip to Germany? Tutors from around the world are waiting to give you private lessons over the internet. Some offer free trials.

According to Expatica, German remains the language with the most native speakers in Europe and was once the lingua franca of central, eastern and northern Europe. Learning German with an online teacher is one of the best ways to master the language. We've found the best online tutors so you don't have to spend time looking. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Learning German is a lot easier with a great app. German Translator & Dictionary + is one of the best. Download it for free on your iPhone or Android.

1. Goethe-Institut

The German courses offered by the Goethe-Institut come with a personal instructor for live online sessions. You will learn reading, listening, speaking and writing to take your knowledge to the next level. The Goethe-Institut offers course for A1 to B2 levels of German and for advanced levels as well. You will need to take a placement test to determine the best level to start at.

2. DeutschAkadamie

Even if you do ultimately decide to go for different online German lessons, it could be good to visit this website every now and then to brush up with one of their many exercises. There’s also a handy online message forum on the website. Not only can you reach out to fellow learners for support, but there are also professional German teachers online who are ready and willing to help with any niggling problems. It’s usually only the paid courses that give you access to professionals, so bookmark this website—the chance to chat to a teacher for free shouldn’t be passed on!

3. German offers tutoring in many subjects, and boasts a dedicated German tutoring service. You can access a tutor whenever you need one, 24/7. This can be a great service if you are learning through self-study and want someone who can clarify doubts and provide useful tips whenever you need them. If you are taking German lessons and you feel that you need a little bit of extra help and encouragement to make the best of your training, you can also access a tutor anytime.

4. Flexilingo Online German

Flexilingo offers flexible and cost-effective online German classes from Switzerland. It's one of the few schools that can teach you the Swiss dialect in addition to classic, accent-free German. You learn from home, work or from any other place you like via Skype video calls.You will not lose time traveling in order to have your classes. Appointments are made directly with your tutor and can be changed to fit your weekly schedule. Your private teacher will discuss your learning needs and put together an individual learning plan. The first class is offered at a discount or for free if you write "VIDALINGUA" in the comments of the sign-up form!

5. German Online Institute

The German Online Institute offers lessons seven days a week, between 7AM and 11PM, Germany time. The site’s qualified German teachers develop a course schedule to suit your needs and provide all the necessary learning materials. You can get a free trial lesson to test the waters. If you wish to continue, a standard 60-minute lesson is paid.

6. Tutors Live

This is yet another platform where tutors advertise their services and expertise. There are many tutors offering very competitive rates, even under $10 per hour, hailing from many different countries. One interesting feature of the site is that you can connect with other German learners and create a profile for yourself, describing your background and learning goals, so that both tutors and students can contact you.

7. German To Go

Juliane Klingenberg Nery is the founder of "German to go" and has been teaching German since 2004 - private and group tuition in various countries as well as on Skype. The design and structure of her online course makes it possible to learn correct German and really have an understanding of the grammar and common usage in the modern German language. Juliane makes it interesting and fun! She is very responsive to student questions and her explanations are always clear and useful.

8. Tutor Fair German

Tutorfair is a website which makes tutoring accessible for all. View everything from qualifications to videos of tutors, so you can get a better idea of what they are like. The website gives students a better choice of tutors, and makes it easy for tutors to do what they love.

9. Lingoda

Lingoda is a Berlin-based company that offers native German tutor services. Classes are 60 minutes each, and they can be scheduled on a 24/7 basis. Programs are tailored to your learning goals, and the platform of choice for sessions is Skype. To determine your language level you have to take an entry test, and you can get one trial session free of charge.

10. Learn German via Skype

In this online-training you will practice your German at a time and a place that suits you. Depending on your objectives you can refresh and boost your German, improve your pronunciation or prepare for an exam. The flexibility of the online-training is unique. It allows you to achieve your learning goals based on your time schedule, preference of place and study rhythm.

11. Lingostan

Learn a language online with a tutor or native teacher on Skype. On Lingostan you can learn a language or just practice it with native speakers. An online tutor is always available to give free online German classes to you, in order to make you gain confidence in speaking and also in listening to real people, maybe in Berlin or Munich.

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