Top 18 Online Tutors for Learning Spanish

Do you want to ace your Spanish class or make the most of a trip to South America? Tutors from around the world are waiting to give you private lessons over the internet. Some offer free trials.

According to Wikipedia, Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world. Learning Spanish online is one of the best ways to master the language. We've found the best online tutors so you don't have to spend time looking. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Learning Spanish is a lot easier with a great mobile app. Before looking for the perfect teacher, try Spanish Translator & Dictionary + for free on your iPhone or Android.

Takelessons Spanish

TakeLessons has been connecting students with teachers since 2006. They believe every student learns differently, so their marketplace brings together a diverse community of teachers with different teaching styles.

Takelessons has hundreds of tutors to choose from. They insure quality by having students rate their experience. In addition to online tutors, you can find local teachers in many cites. Takelessons has taught over 2.5 million lessons so you can be sure they have built a reputation for quality.


Attending this classes online, you will find the same advantages as learning Spanish in a physical school, but in the comfort of your home. These Spanish lessons are taken via Skype and they are ideal for groups of friends, work colleagues and even individuals looking for a group to joining. You will be able to take lessons with a certified professional native Spanish speaker tutor to receive grammar corrections and explanations in real time.

Spanish 55

Spanish55 was founded to help Americans speak Spanish. They have selected the best teaching practices to help students reach conversational fluency in Spanish. According to co-founder Abraham Arechiga, "At Spanish55, we enjoy building a relationship with every single student we meet. We take the time to meet the student at a deeper level in order to provide a productive learning experience he or she will enjoy."

Spanish55 gifts an intoductory lesson aimed at building a complete profile and academic plan for each student. Their coaching team holds regular meetings with the academic director and staff members to ensures they are providing an incredible student experience every single time and no student is left behind.

Homeschool Spanish Academy

Homeschool Spanish Academy is designed to help Spanish students of all ages learn Spanish. It offers classes for both children and adults. Classes are one-on-one and include learning materials. Homeschool Spanish Academy offers experienced teachers who are proficient in English.

Verbal Planet

Verbalplanet focuses on providing one-on-one language lessons. They offer dozens of different Spanish teachers who can help you along the way. There is no set way to sort teachers by country of origin. However, you can browse each teacher’s profile to learn more about his/her experience, education and interests.

Speak Shop

Speak Shop offers one-on-one lessons with Guatemalan teachers who each have 10-20 years of experience. Lessons are conducted via Skype, but you can also use text chat during your lesson. The curriculum is customized by your teacher in order to better meet your needs and goals.

Web Spanish

Web Spanish is a video based E-tutoring system which assigns a private teacher to each student. The site offers 4 different kinds of courses which are General Spanish, Medical Spanish,  Spanish for DELE exams and other video tutorials. The site also makes use of various video and audio lessons to communicate effectively with the user and to create strong foundations in grammar, sentence structure etc. The site offers a Free Trial which can be used to determine the efficacy of the site. 


Learn basic Spanish, with Fluenz founder Sonia Gil. Fluenz is the comprehensive language-learning solution that brings it all together from beginning to end. Fluenz offers a real learning approach that takes you through your next language step by step in hundreds of videos and a comprehensive workout platform. Specifically designed for English-speakers who are in for the long-haul. If you've tried to cobble together your own approach with free resources or have tried the less expensive word-and-picture matching programs, you'll won't believe the difference a comprehensive approach can make.


Speakedia offers in-home tutoring and online lessons in Spanish for children, students, adults as well as for corporate and adult workers. Their mission is to create the perfect learning environment for students and help them to reach their academic and career goals and build a successful future. Their online live teachers and tutors in Spanish are native speakers, qualified and experienced in teaching language both for private and group classes online. They are fully bilingual and their experience will make you feel comfortable as soon as you start the sessions.


In addition to being able to chat with native speakers from around the world for free, it also gives the option of getting professional help from teachers and tutors in your target language, sometimes very inexpensively. Trials can be as little as about $1 for a trial 30-minute lesson, and some have regular hourly rates as low as $5.

Celas Maya

CELAS MAYA has a passion for sharing Spanish in dynamic and student – oriented ways. They work with university and high school students, working professionals and companies and anyone else drawn to learning Spanish. The most versatile option of all these is to learn the language online from the comfort of your home.


121Spanish offers one-on-one lessons with experienced teachers from Spain, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Panama and more. 121Spanish also offers video introductions to many of the teachers. These videos can give you an idea of how each teacher speaks and help you select someone with the best style for your needs.

Spanish via Skype

Spanish via Skype offers one-on-one courses with native speakers. Teachers come from Spain, so Spanish via Skype is best for students looking to learn Castilian Spanish. Spanish via Skype offers specific topics like Spanish for business, medical Spanish, survival Spanish and more, making it a good option for anyone looking to learn Spanish for specific purposes.


Preply is a service that is designed to connect students with tutors via Skype. There are over 4,000 Spanish tutors on Preply, so you have plenty to choose from. Preply offers a terrific filtering system that you can use to find your ideal teacher. You can filter by price, country of birth, gender and more. The “specialty” filter is particularly useful since you can use it to find a teacher who specializes in popular topics like AP Spanish, business Spanish and more.


NuLengua has the dual mission of providing online Spanish instruction and empowering women in Latin America, so you can feel good about learning and helping a woman achieve economic independence. NuLengua’s teaching methodology was developed by a team of professionals. Lessons are one-on-one, and teachers aim to teach exclusively in Spanish for immersion-style learning.


SpanishSkype offers one-on-one lessons with native Spanish speakers from Spain and Latin America. Courses cover reading, writing, speaking and listening for an all-around Spanish education. Plus, learning materials are included. Before your Skype session, you’ll receive an email with learning materials that will be covered, including some homework to do before your session (you don’t have to do it, but it’s a good idea).

Spanish to Move

Spanish to Move is a program designed for people who want to learn Spanish online through self-teaching courses and Skype classes. Tutors come from different Spanish-speaking countries, so you can find the tutor with the Spanish accent you want to learn.


Lengalia offers you a professional online tutoring service, where you will be assisted by a team of Spanish lecturers for comprehension during the course of your course. Lengalia lecturers will answer technical questions about the contents and the execution of the Spanish course you have booked. You can ask questions about all components of the course (exercises, learning tools and technical difficulties).

Habla Ya

Whether you want to improve your Spanish speaking skills before joining a Spanish immersion course in Latin America, brush up the Spanish that you learned during your last Spanish learning vacation, or you just don't have the time right now for a Spanish Course in Central or South America, you can still benefit from Online Spanish Lessons via Skype from the comfort and convenience of your office or home anywhere in the world. Habla Ya Spanish Schools are amongst the top rated Spanish schools in Latin America, and they can offer you top notch online Spanish lessons.

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Looking for interactive exercises to practice speaking and comprehension? Download Learn Spanish + for free on your iPhone or iPad.

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