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Planning a trip to China? Discover hidden gems and travel hacks to make your trip an adventure. Stay at the best hotels, eat at the best restaurants in Macau, Shanghai, Beijing and other incredible destinations. Make the most of your trip with the amazing blogs in this article.

China is a huge country with endless and affordable travel opportunities. According to Nat Geo, China holds the world record for having the largest population on Earth with more than 1.4 billion people.

Of all languages spoken today, Chinese has the most ancient writing system. Indeed, Chinese characters have been found engraved in animal bones that date from 1600 BC!

Rachel Meets China

This blog is packed with great articles about everything to plan the perfect trip to China. You will find tips for your first trip, advice on where to go and restaurant guides for amazing cities such as Beijing, Chongqing and Guangzhou. We especially appreciate Rachel's unique perspective un articles like camping on the Great Wall of China and the best sections to visit.

Rachel moved to China in 2015 to teach English to Chinese students. She became fond of the country and has been calling it home every since. Her passion for China really shows in countless articles and videos she has posted over the years. This blog is highly recommended for travelers, expats and others planning a trip to China.

Shanghai Street Stories

Shanghai Street Stories is the work of Sue Anne Tay, a Singaporean and long-term resident of Shanghai. This is a blog that records the ever-changing landscape of Shanghai, collecting photographs and stories that focus on the life of citizens. A mix of photojournalism and street photography, her images are supported by anecdotal text and useful explanations of Chinese cultural terms.

China Mike

A fun site for first-timers. China Mike gets to the heart of the big China travel issues, while also including facts and histories of the major travel destinations. It's all written in Mike’s laidback, “average Zhou” style; but underneath the vernacular it's clear he's a sympathetic, savvy and well-informed observer.

Wild China

This blog has some informative listicles about sights and regional Chinese food, along with plenty of promotion for its own high-end trips. Passionate local guides and experienced trip designers are true insiders who thrive on sharing these experiences with you, and making sure your every comfort is taken care of. 

Far West China

A very well put together Xinjiang / Silk Road travel blog by Josh, a teacher living in the far west of China. He's also written city guides to Kashgar, Turpan and Urumqi which he sells for a small fee via the website.

Lost Laowai

Lost Laowai was founded in 2006, and it’s tailor-made for expatriates or travelers with a deep interest in China. It blogs about living, traveling, working, and teaching in China. It’s more of a guide to help “laowai”  navigate the foreign land of China. It’s unique, resourceful, and offers the most relevant opinions, travel guide, blogging, expat events, and expat news.

Travel China Guide

This website is owned by a popular travel agency in China. This site is quite reliable and offers China travel information on attraction, transportation, shopping, dining, accommodations and destinations. It has quite useful information on travel.

Goats on the Road

Dariece and Nick are the Canadian couple behind Goats on the Road, a website designed to show others how to turn their travels into a lifestyle. They are masters at making money abroad, and have been on the road since 2008, exploring some of the least visited places on earth.

Earth Trekkers

Family adventure travel blog featuring travel advice, photography, and inspiration from China. According to this family, traveling through China can be a very rewarding experience but it does come with its share of challenges.

The Urban Edit

A stylishly irreverent look at the smarter side of Beijing and Shanghai’s dining, hotels and nightlife. From the latest luxury hotel rooms in the capital to ‘How to Bargain in Beijing Silk Market’, it offers something for China noobs and old China hands alike. 

Life on Nanchang Lu

Fiona Reilly is a writer, photographer and China specialist who divides her time between China and Australia. Her travel blog ‘Life on Nanchang Lu‘ is all about China - the incredible food, the fascinating people, the beautiful hidden places. Fiona travelled all over China from her base in Shanghai to bring you a side of China you may never have tasted before.


This blog was founded in July 2008 and started just as a personal project of a young Shanghainese girl Fauna. She was motivated by her desire to improve her English language skills by translating Chinese video, pictures and stories online. Today, chinaSMACK is a popular blog and frequently cited among the English-language group blogs which cover a nation undergoing unprecedented development. This blog focuses on sharing translated news and topics that are being talked about by the mainstream Chinese netizens.

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