11 Best Language Schools to Learn Japanese in Tokyo

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Are you ready to speak Japanese like a native? Do you want to travel and make friends around the world? Learning Japanese in Tokyo can make it happen. We researched the best language schools so you don't have to.

A recent study compared the speed (in syllables per second) at which native speakers of various languages talk. Japanese topped the list at a rip-roaring 7.84 syllables per second! According to Listen and Learn, Japanese is the 9th most-spoken language worldwide, but it’s the third-largest language on the Internet, behind English and Spanish. Even though Japanese speakers represent less than 2% of the world population, they make up almost 10% of Internet users.

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JCLI Language School

The language school JCLI Japanese Language School was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1980. Located in the North of Tokyo, in the city center, JCLI Japanese Language School is close to a green area next to Ojikamiya station. It's 11 minutes away from the vibrant Ueno station and 14 minutes from the hobby district of Akihabara. It also has good access to the big Ikebukuro station or Shinjuku.

Coto Language Academy

The Coto group currently have two schools. Located in central Tokyo the main school offers a range of flexible courses designed to suit a number of purposes. If you’re in Tokyo for just a few months to brush up on your Japanese, and you’re looking to dive headfirst into the Japanese business world, or if you just want to be better at holding a conversation at the izakaya, there’s a class for you. Class sizes are always small, meaning you’ll get proper conversation experience, and won’t just be lectured from the front of a hall, which is super vital for maintaining conversational ability. All their courses and prices are available online.

Japan Switch

The Japan Switch language school offers some of the most affordable Morning Japanese Lessons in Tokyo. Prices start at just 1500 Yen for group lessons and 3000 Yen for private lessons. Japan Switch has two welcoming locations in Tokyo, Shinjuku and Gotanda.

Reasonably priced lessons doesn't mean Japan Switch cuts corners. Most of their instructors are passionate veterans and all of them are certified to teach Japanese lessons from a new beginner to low intermediate. If you are interested in making friends in addition to learning Japanese, you'll enjoy the monthly events Japan Switch organizes for students.

Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin

Running for 45 years now, this school is definitely one of the city’s most established educational hubs. Located in Shibuya, it offers a range of language courses, 12 languages in fact, but their priority is Japanese. You can sign up for a variety of courses offering different intensities and different levels, from chilled-out summer classes to year-long full-time courses.

ISI Language School

ISI Group's first Japanese language school was founded in Ueda city, Nagano Prefecture, in 1992. Currently ISI has two schools in Tokyo (Takadanobaba and Ikebukuro) and they recently opened a new center in Kyoto. Every year ISI welcomes more than 2,000 foreign students from all over the world, providing them with the best environment to study Japanese language and its culture.

Genki Japanese & Culture School

The language school Genki Japanese and Culture School was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 2013. Located in the heart of Shinjuku, Japan's most exciting place! Hundreds of restaurants, bars, karaoke bars and more are within walking distance. Despite this, the school is an oasis of calm, as it is situated within the grounds of the famous Hanazono Shrine.

The Naganuma School

Established in 1948, this school is one of the oldest and is generally considered to be one of the pioneers of contemporary Japanese language learning. The school offers a variety of vocation and education-focused programs including JLPT (Japanese proficiency language test) courses, evening courses, business courses, university preparation classes.


For those on the hunt for the ultimate flexibility in their language learning, it’s probably worth taking a look at Nichibei. Located at the center of Tokyo at Yotsuya in Shinjuku City. They offer regular part-time and private lesson programs which can be tailored around your other commitments.

Kai Japanese

Located in Shinjuku, this central school has been helping foreigners become fluent since 1987. During that time they’ve become one of the most popular go-to schools for long and short term residents. They offer a variety of courses for all purposes (business, fun, survival) and also have special accommodation connections if you still haven’t yet figured out a place to live.

J’s Language School

J’s Language School is a Japanese language school based in Ebisu, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo. They teach Japanese to students of all levels of ability and in a range of different formats. J's teaches daily conversation classes, classes for students wanting to take the Japanese Proficiency Test and classes for students wanting to study business Japanese.

Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute

Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute (SNG stands for Shinjuku Nihongo Gakko in Japanese) is an educational foundation authorized by the Ministry of Education and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Shinjuku institute offers Japanese language courses to over 500 students coming from more than 50 countries around the world. Students have benefited from the teaching expertise of SNG for the last 40 years. The school is ideally located in the student district of Takadanobaba, the student area Tokyo.

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