Top 15 Travel Blogs for Japan

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Planning a trip to Japan? Travel blogs can help you make it an adventure you'll never forget. Discover the best hotels and restaurants in Tokyo, Kyoto, Okinawa and other magical cities. Find hidden gems to visit in Hokkaido, Kanazawa and Sapporo. Learn travel hacks and avoid tourist traps with our list of the best travel blogs for Japan!

According to Wikitravel, Japan still enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the world. The "Land of the Rising Sun" is a country where the past meets the future. From bustling Tokyo and zen-like Kyoto all the way to laid-back Okinawa and wintery Hokkaido, Japan is a high-tech world mixed with the politeness and respect of their past.

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MATCHA Japan Travel Web Magazine

MATCHA magazine provides information for travelers to Japan, including sightseeing in Tokyo, delicious local cuisine, shopping, and accommodations. The magazine has everything from information on local spots to logistical information about getting around Japan.

Zooming Japan

This blog is written by Jasmine, a German woman who has lived in Japan since 2008. She has experienced natural disasters, cultural oddities and work life there. Because she has traveled to all 47 Japanese prefectures and visited over 100 castles, she can offer many insights into Japan. Also, she lives in the countryside, so her blog might give you a different perspective from those based in big cities.

Super Cheap Guides

ViaHero Matt runs his own travel blog on all things in Japan called "Super Cheap Japan". This blog is dedicated to traveling and living in the country without bursting your bank account. Matt knows how to experience as much as possible while spending as little as possible. He is expanding the blog to include travel reports and news for budget travel, as well as exclusive offers. Great blog for everyone visiting Japan! In addition to the blog, Matt offers guidebooks that you can take with you on your next trip to Japan.

Japan Travel Mate

This blog is written by Dean, an Australian who used to live and work in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Now, he travels to Japan at least once a year for 3 weeks. His blog is a Japan travel blog with nice photos of Japan and travel tips. Because he has traveled extensively throughout Japan, he publishes “best of” series and has posts on a variety of locations. If you are wondering about Japanese vending machines, or tips for riding the bullet trail, then you need to check out Japan Travel Mate.

Japan Guide

Japan Guide Travel Blog offers visitors a lot more than just a look at the best tourist spots. This blog covers things like the progress made since the tsunami that rocked northern Japan in 2011. Besides travel tips, this blog also helps you stay up to date on the latest news. If you’re looking for an unconventional travel experience, you can find some real gems on this site.

Japan Rail Pass Travel Blog

JR Pass has a blog that stays up to date with useful information for visitors to Japan. Keep up with travel guides, transportation tips, planning resources, itineraries, trains and other recommendations! Exploring topics like finding cheap airfare, and 'how to avoid rush hour,' the JR Pass Blog is a must read before your trip to Japan.

Travel Happy Japan

There is nothing like a travel blog written by locals! Travel Happy Japan is an up to date resource that provides useful information on everything from restaurants to attending sporting events in Japan.

Asia Travel Bug

Asia Travel Bug is written by Tiffy, who is a self-described "travel planning freak" and "digital marketing ninja." She says that "traveling has kept her sane from all the hustles and bustles of corporate life." The site is helpful because it comes from the perspective of a traveler to Japan, but is filled with logistical information. It is broken into sections for different cities and attractions.

ViaHero Travel Blog

ViaHero works hard to help their travelers have the best trip possible! In addition to providing personalized trip itineraries written by locals, the site stays up to date with blog posts and articles covering anything you need to know about visiting Japan!

The Poor Traveller

For an honest and humorous look at traveling in Japan (and other places), check out The Poor Traveler. These two bloggers seem to encounter some strange, unexpected situations. Visit their site to read about the reality of traveling to Japan and other Asian countries on a limited budget.

This Beautiful Day

If you’re planning to stay in Tokyo during your trip to Japan, make sure you check out This Beautiful Day. From food to transportation and accommodations, this Japan travel blog provides useful  information on things to do in the capital.

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