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Buenos Aires

The name “Buenos Aires" means “Fair Winds" in Spanish. Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and it is known as the Paris of the Southern Hemisphere. Its sophistication, heavy European influence, museums paying homage to its rich history, and educated population make it a vibrant cultural hub.

Where better to study the Spanish language than in the heart of South America? With almost 500 million native speakers across the globe, Spanish is the second-most-spoken language in the world. It’s also the official language of 21 countries, including much of Central and South America, the Caribbean, Mexico, and, of course, Spain. With these impressive stats, who wouldn’t want to speak the Spanish language like a native?

As we speak, Buenos Aires’ economic landscape is changing. President Javier Milei, elected in December 2023, has set out to implement rigorous reforms. His main goal is to combat inflation, a problem that has crippled Argentina’s economy for years. As a result, Argentina, and especially Buenos Aires, is headed for an economic boom where both native and non-native Spanish speakers can thrive.

We know: now you’re ready to do a deep dive into the Spanish language in Buenos Aires! And, as a cultural and economic hotspot, there are also plenty of Spanish language schools here. There are so many language schools in Buenos Aires, in fact, that it can be hard to choose between them. So, let’s explore some of the best language schools in Buenos Aires where you can start your Spanish journey.

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Academia Buenos Aires

The Academia is known as one of the best language schools in Buenos Aires because of its friendly staff, immersive activities, and high teaching quality. It’s also the only Spanish school in the city accredited by the Instituto Cervantes. Located near the historic Plaza de Mayo, this language school gives you access to everything Buenos Aires has to offer.

As for the course options, there are plenty. While they have your typical intensive and individual courses, there’s also Spanish and Tango, Medical or Business Spanish, and even a Farmstay. The Farmstay is a truly unique option: the second part of the course is spent volunteering at a local family farm. Group classes have between 2 and 7 students, and there are 9 language levels to ensure efficient learning.

Academia is a test center for DELE and SIELE exams and they offer prep courses for those who plan to certify their Spanish language skills. In many cases, the teachers employed by the Academia are the same people who evaluate students during the official exam.


The school recently developed an online learning platform to complement their in-person offering along with as a stand-alone offer for students in other countries. This is not like a language app in that the tailor-made platform serves as an add-on to our synchronous online and offline courses.

As a perk for long-term students, they also provide free assistance in setting up your accommodation. You can choose between a host family, shared housing with other international students, a private apartment, a hotel, or a hostel.

Academia Buenos Aires also shines when it comes to cultural activities. Every Monday, you’ll be given a list of at least 4 weekly activities. These can range from tours and movie nights to weekend trips and theatre performances. Not only do these immerse you further in the language and culture, but they’ll also strengthen your bond with your fellow students.


Established in 2006, Expanish is located in the popular Palermo district. Over the years, it has grown to be one of the most trusted Spanish language schools in Buenos Aires. Run mostly by experienced local teachers, this school aims to promote understanding between cultures and provide a hands-on learning experience.

They offer a wide range of study programs. You can choose from group courses, private lessons, a combination of both, or even a Spanish and Tango Course. The average size of a group class is only 7 students, so rest assured that you’ll get the individual attention you need.

To immerse yourself in the Spanish language even more, you can opt for one of their unique accommodation options. A homestay with a local family will foster Spanish-speaking in the home, or choose a shared apartment with a local host. If sharing isn’t your style, though, not to worry – you can also opt for a private apartment.

Expanish also offers free activities for students, such as different types of city tours and nights out with local wine. You’ll also have access to a rooftop terrace, a shared lounge, high-speed wifi, and great public transport connections at your doorstep.


With locations throughout South America, COINED has become a trusted name in learning Spanish across the board. The Spanish language school in Buenos Aires, though, is arguably one of the most exciting. Located on the edge of Plaza General San ​​Martín, this school offers a variety of courses, free leisure activities, and more.

You can choose from private lessons or a super intensive group course with a maximum class size of 8 students. Whether you’re a total beginner or you’re looking to polish your already-there Spanish, they have a course for you. You’ll also have access to free coffee and tea between classes at this language school in Buenos Aires – a major plus!

The accommodation options include a homestay, a private apartment, or a shared residence with other students in your course. If a homestay isn’t your thing, a shared residence is highly encouraged. This not only gives you a chance to form independent study groups, but it also provides a sense of community. Whether you’re helping each other with coursework or exploring the city, these relationships will support you through your time in Buenos Aires.

The school plans free cultural activities for students every afternoon, whether it’s heading to a local restaurant or hanging out in a local park. On school grounds you can also use the shared kitchen, allowing for group meals and cooking nights.

Mente Argentina

Mente Argentina stands out not just as a language learning school but as a comprehensive cultural immersion experience. Their unique approach combines intensive language classes with a diverse range of cultural activities and workshops included at no extra cost.

This language school offers bike tours, museums tours, dinners and lunches with other participants, special hidden tours in Buenos Aires, theater experiences and more! The integration of language and culture allows students not only to learn Spanish in a traditional classroom setting but to live the language through cooking, tango, photography, and more. Their programs are accredited by local and internationally recognized universities, facilitating students to earn academic credits seamlessly.

Recently, Mente Argentina developed a faculty-led program tailored for both university students and high school groups. This initiative brought over 70 participants from abroad during two weeks, providing them with a structured yet flexible curriculum that caters to their educational needs while immersing them in Argentine culture.

Mente Argentina's commitment to excellence in education and support has been recognized with multiple community choice awards, affirming their dedication to providing an exceptional educational environment.

Casa Spanish Academy

Casa Spanish Academy is a top-rated language school in Buenos Aires. Located in the heart of downtown near Plaza General San Martín, it’s known for providing a true home-away-from-home experience. With one of the best extracurricular programs, it fosters a deep sense of community while immersing students in the Spanish language.

The main study program they offer is a 6-month total immersion course designed to bring complete beginners to full proficiency. You can choose from private lessons, group classes, a 2-day crash course, or DELE exam prep. There’s also a program designed specifically for those who plan to live in Buenos Aires for a longer period of time. In addition, the school can organize classes for subject-specific vocab, such as Business Spanish. You’ll also have access to free coffee, a shared lounge, a printer, and a dedicated student support desk.

You can also request assistance from the school in setting up accommodation based on your budget and length of stay. Choose from a homestay, a private apartment, a hostel, or a shared residence.

The rich extracurricular program includes art tours, street food tours, tango lessons, movie nights, and much more. There’s something on the itinerary every day, so you can attend the events you’re interested in and build friendships along the way.

InterBA Spanish Institute

Only opened in 2016, InterBA Spanish Institute has quickly made a name for itself among the best language schools in Buenos Aires. The school sits in the vibrant Recoleta neighborhood just a stone’s throw from historical landmarks, museums, and local shops and restaurants. InterBA is top-rated on just about everything, from student accommodation and school facilities to social activities and teaching quality.

The course offerings here are perhaps some of the most diverse of any school in Buenos Aires. If you simply want to get better at general Spanish, choose the Intensive Spanish Course. If you want to immerse yourself in different elements of the local lifestyle, choose Spanish and Culture. If you want to stay fit and active, Spanish and Sports may be best for you. This option even includes free access to a fitness center for the duration of the course. If you’d like to combine your learning with a volunteer project, they offer these types of courses, as well. In addition, InterBA caps its group lessons at 6 students, ensuring personalized attention.

For an extra charge, InterBA will also help you set up your accommodation for your time in Buenos Aires. You can choose from a homestay, a shared apartment with either a local or other foreign students, or a private apartment. If you choose the private apartment, you’ll be staying in a building with access to a pool and sauna.

No matter which course you choose, the program includes a free tour of Buenos Aires at the beginning and 2 social activities per week. These can be anything from picnics in the park, organized sports matches, and neighborhood tours to weekend trips and nights out at local bars.

VOS Buenos Aires

Located between Recoleta and the heart of downtown, VOS Buenos Aires is known for offering Spanish courses that you can tailor to your needs. Along with experiential learning, the school also aims to provide a sense of community and foster friendships.

VOS actually has two campuses in Buenos Aires. The main one is in Recoleta and the other is in Palermo, so you can choose which one you’d prefer. Groups are kept to a maximum of 8 students and you can choose between an intensive or regular study program. The intensive Spanish course meets 5 days per week, while the regular course is 3 days per week. These courses feature two instructors each week to provide students with a range of perspectives and cater to different learning styles. You can choose to join the course for as little as one week or for up to 8 weeks. VOS also offers private lessons.

The school can also help arrange your accommodation regardless of your duration of stay. You can choose a shared residence with other students, a private apartment, or a Spanish-speaking host family.

In order to create that essential sense of community, VOS also organizes plenty of social activities. You can participate in tango classes, football matches, wine tastings, Argentinian BBQs, conversation clubs, and much more.


IBL offers courses that have a communicative approach filled with opportunities for personal expression and activities that stimulate real communication. Students participate in discussions in which they practice vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, and phrases while they express their ideas.

IBL uses a scale of 6 levels to personalize the learning process. You can access your level with an online test offered on their website. Their curriculum design is in line with the principles of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Currently, IBL is only receiving closed groups from Universities for the immersion programs. However, the offer new courses online with new classes starting every month.


As the culture capital of South America, Buenos Aires is the best place to start your journey to fluency in Spanish. And now that you know the best language schools in Buenos Aires, your decision has gotten even easier. All that’s left to do now is choose the one that works best for your goals and needs. What are you waiting for? Vamos!

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