Top 15 Travel Blogs for Brazil

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Planning a trip to Brazil? Discover hidden gems and travel hacks to make your trip an adventure. Stay at the best hotels, eat at the best restaurants in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, Salvador and other magical places. Make the most of your trip with the amazing blogs in this article.

According to The Telegraph, Brazil is the largest country in South America, encompassing around half of the continent's land area and population. Spread out over a large landmass, the country packs in very diverse landscapes and experiences. From the impenetrable rainforests of the Amazon to the wetlands of Pantanal and sultry beaches of Rio. Brazil is also home to the world's biggest Carnival celebrations.

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Visit Brasil

Visit Brazil is the country’s official tourism site. This site has a lot of information to cover. It aims to create a virtual travel experience that allows the user to explore the sights of Brazil right from their computer. This can help visitors decide where they want to go within this massive country. If they’re looking for a relaxed beach trip, for example, they’ll have very different options from travelers looking for hiking trips or adventure tours. Then, once a visitor has selected a destination, the sections of the site will give them an accurate idea of what they can hope to see within the span of their trip.

Midnight Blue Elephant

Annika, a girl with a thirsty heart, creates wonderful posts in Midnight Blue Elephant. The blog is full of fresh ideas and tips for travelling around Brazil. You will also find a great Caipirinha recipe, experiences on Favela life and a food guide which includes both what to eat and what not to eat.

Melhores Destinos

Melhores Destinos (Best Destinations) was created to enable Brazilians to travel more and better by paying less. Their main proposal is to offer tips on how to buy promotional air tickets and book discount hotels. In addition, the site publishes news about the world of aviation and they have a Destination Guide and Airlines.

Forward Travel

Rose and David are the faces of Forward Travel. They’ve been wandering the globe for many years and helping others travel for almost as long. They believe Forward Travel is really all about you, not about them.

A Janela Laranja

A Janela Laranja is a travel blog that shows new destinations and tells you everything you need to know about each location in Brazil. What to do, where to stay, where to eat, how to get there, beaches, shopping, transportation, nightlife, photos, tips and more!

Along Dusty Roads

On this award-winning travel blog, you'll find photography and writing to stoke your wanderlust. Plus Andrew and Emily's honest destination guides, filled with their own practical tips to help you make the most of your time and money. For two and a half years, they've lived and travelled in Latin America so, if you're heading to that part of the world, then you'll find almost everything you need on their blog.

The Planet D

Even the world's most remote destinations feel well within reach when reading “The PlanetD.” Readers can sense the passion of this blog's owners in every one of their carefully crafted posts. They combine a light-hearted, conversations writing style with stunning photography to create one of the most authoritative travel blogs on eh market today.

Brazil Travel Blog

Brazil Travel Blog is authored by Tony Gálvez, a Spanish expat who spent years living in São Paulo. His discriminating traveler’s tips and information are spot-on, and his many journeys, illustrated with captivating photographs, making for enticing reading.

Flavors of Brazil

Flavors of Brazil is is a blog penned by James, a Canadian expat based in Fortaleza, Ceará. It offers a culinary tour of Brazil with highly appetizing descriptions of regional dishes and local foodstuffs, spiced up with tantalizing photos, recipes and sprinklings of local food culture.

Rio Gringa

Rio Gringa is authored by 27-year-old Rachel, who lives in New York City with her Brazilian husband, but makes frequent trips back to Rio. Aside from providing intelligent analysis of current events covered by national and foreign media, she publishes many interviews with leading Brazil specialists. Posts are generously peppered with useful links.

Anita Hendrieka

Australian born horse rider and hula hooper. Anita went on her first plane at 21 and first international trip at 24. Since then she has travelled to over 30 countries as well as lived in the United States of America and Brazil.  Her dreams are to become fluent in Portuguese and travel to every country in the world. This blog in particular gives an overview of Brazil and tips about the people and their culture.

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